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Customizing BP UWL to accept GP tasks in 4 easy steps


Assuming you have a Business package downloaded from the Service Marketplace with built in UWL views.(UWL is the user interface for execution of business tasks). and you want to customize the BP to receive GP tasks along with the tasks which the BP is configured to receive from the backend system.


Software Component
    •       Release: SAP NetWeaver 2004s
    •       Support Package: Stack 10


    1. You have access to portal Universal Worklist iView.
    2. You have access to the Universal Worklist Administration iView.
    3. You have a predefined configuration (for example one shipped by Manager Self Services Business Package).

This predefined configuration (for example uwl.webflow.mss ) XML contains ItemTypes that are defined independent of any particular system.

    On EP the default UWL can be accesed via Home-àWork



    Steps Required: 

    1)The control center for UWL customizing can be done by navigating through  SystemAdministration System Configuration. On the detailed navigation  container go to Universal Worklist and Workflow-Administration

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    Ensure you have a UWL system connected with


    a)The GPconnector which directs all GP tasks to the UWL.

    !|height=213|alt=GP connector|width=957|src=|border=0!


    To create a new system connection go to New, Enter details in our case for example

    System Alias: * : GPsystem , Connector Type  : GuidedProceduresConnector. <p style=”margin: 3pt 0in” class=”MsoNormal”>Delta Pull Channel Refersh Period (in seconds*):60


    h5.  b)The WebFlowConnector for directing tasks from the R/3 to the UWL!|height=206|alt=Backend connectors|width=892|src=|border=0!To To create a new system connection enter the details of

    System Alias:FROI, Type: WebFlowConnector.Connector,User Roles: description name of the user role (Restricts who can get work items via a user role,for eg Portal Role BUYER)

    System Configuration Groups: Name of the system created in the portal (You can add a number of configuration groups separated by commas but only one configuration group per iView)


    Enter data and save changes.


    2)*Under Universal Woklist Content Configuration go to <strong>à</strong>Click To Administrate Item Types and View Definitions* .

    Under the tabstrip current configuration you can see all the UWL views deployed.

    Select the configuration name for which you want to download configuration. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to view / download file.

    !|height=620|style=width: 1005px; height: 529px|alt=UWL Content Config|width=1116|src=|border=0!

      3)Save the configuration locally and open in textpad or any other editor to make changes to the xml file. 

    XML File has two major components

    ItemType :Identifies the exact task and lists each attribute which will be used.View :Defines the name of the view ,how it will work and the custom columns for the view.supportedItemTypes=”uwl.task.webflow.TS10101010.systemalias,”


    (TS10101010 is a fictional task from the R/3)

     * *4)Upload the configuration with the same name ,which results in overwriting the configuration file with the changes.  


    Your UWL can be customized to receive workflow tasks both from the backend system as well as GP BPM by downloading the configuration file and appending it with new ItemTypes and linking the newly created ItemTypes to the default view.


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        Author's profile photo Former Member
        Former Member
        Dear Karthik,

        I was wondering if it is possible to customise the UWL for one specific GP task. We for instance used a default UWL iView wich shows only a certain task. We want to show certain columns and a certain date-time format especially in this UWL. I managed to change the columns and date-time format in the XML config file, but these settings are only visible when you select the subview Guided Procedures of the UWL. Can you change this so that the subview gets displayed by default?

        Author's profile photo Karthik S J
        Karthik S J
        Blog Post Author
        Im not sure if I understood your question correctly , but you can customize the look and feel of your UWL by playing around with the xml file.
        Please have a look at the tutorials in SAP service marketplace or

        Best Regards,

        Author's profile photo Former Member
        Former Member
        i followed the process u have mentioned to configure the UWL.I have created one GP and the task is going to the approver's UWL also.But when i am trying to open the task from UWL it is showing the eror "Could not retrieve process instance: contact your system administrator".
        how to solve this?
        Author's profile photo Karthik S J
        Karthik S J
        Blog Post Author
        It seems like you have not assigned permissions
        for that particular action as processor in your GP process.Please do so and check again.
        Best Regards,