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New Version of Configuration Wizard with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 13

Configuration WizardThe configuration wizard (formerly known as “Template Installer” or “Central Technical Configuration – CTC”) is a central, uniform and simple configuration tool that accelerates the technical configuration process and makes it less error-prone. In this weblog, I want to show you how the new version introduced with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package Stack 13 looks like (although some new features are already available as of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stack 12).

How to Start the Configuration Wizard?

As before, you start the configuration wizard after the installation + patching of a new system by logging on to SAP NetWeaver Administrator and clicking “Deploy and Change” in the navigation bar. The configuration wizard always operates on the local system in which it is executed. Therefore, it is central in the sense of offering one starting point for the configuration of a local system instead of having to use several local tools to perform this task.

List of Configuration Tasks

In the main pane, you see a list of configuration tasks (in former releases, we used the term “template” for these tasks) that could be executed on the selected system.

In the example shown on the screenshot, there are 32 configuration tasks offered that the configuration wizard might perform. In the corresponding column header, you can optionally sort or filter the list (for example, if you only want to see the list of configuration tasks already performed in this system).

For every task, you also get a short description. By clicking on the icon next to “Details”, you see the whole list of configuration steps comprised by the selected task and the current status of every step (“Not executed”, “In progress”, “Finished successfully”, “Incompletely executed”, “Finished unsuccessfully”).

In this list, you can also select to skip steps before you let the configuration wizard perform the corresponding task. This is useful if you want to execute only a subset of the steps, such as in case something went wrong the first time and you want to repeat only certain steps or if you want to perform certain steps manually. For a detailed configuration documentation, see the SAP Library and choose –> Technology Consultant’s Guide.

Maybe you are wondering why there is sometimes more than one task available for certain use cases. In most cases (as for the configuration of SAP NetWeaver Administrator), there are historical reasons for offering several subtasks in addition to one overall configuration tasks. We plan to clean up these areas in the future so that not required tasks will vanish.

Improved Configuration Task for Usage Type DI

With SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stack 13, there is an improved configuration task to set up the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) in your landscape. NWDI provides the environment for Java-based development and Java-based software life-cycle management. For example, the new configuration task provides the following new features concerning the configuration of the Change Management Service (CMS):

  • The configuration now includes the possibility to create a track for certain predefined application patterns (in addition to the possibility to create a SANDBOX track as in the past). For example, you can now create a track for the development of J2EE, Web Dynpro, Portal, CAF, xApps, or composite applications during the initial setup of NWDI.
  • The configuration of a remote system landscape directory is simplified.
  • In addition, you can now specify freely the CMS name/domain name.

Besides all the new features, the main advantage remains that you can easily set up NWDI without having to manually perform the steps described in about 70 pages of pure configuration documentation (not to mention the other documentation you have to know about NWDI and all involved technologies like Java administration and UME concepts + administration). Instead of spending several days to manually set up an NWDI landscape (even if you are an experienced administrator), just run the configuration wizard and you are done with your first NWDI landscape after around 30 minutes. What better arguments could be there to use the configuration wizard for DI?

Protocol Provides Complete Transparency

ProtocolAfter you have run a task, you can click on it or on a performed step in the detail list to view a protocol. This protocol provides detailed information about performed actions (including used parameters) and skipped actions (including information about why these actions were skipped – such as due to not fulfilled interdependencies). So, the protocol provides complete transparency on what steps the configuration wizard performed in your system and how it performed these steps. This transparency is highly appreciated by a lot of customers with which we were able to talk about this new version of the configuration wizard.


Altogether, we offer configuration tasks on different levels and with full transparency to help you to address many challenges you face in your task to configure systems in your landscape.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I have recently installed a fresh NW2004sSR1 patched it to SPS12, usage types AS-Java, BI, and EP. I'm at the postinstallation step of running the Configuration Wizard in order to finish up configurations for the usage types.
      This is a new installation, but I have done this installation on a DEV box, however it was only patched to SPS10 at the time, so I had no problems running the, then called, Template Installer.

      Now, however, I have the installation manual telling me one thing, related to the Template installer, and I'm not seeing the same thing in the Configuration Wizard. For instance, and I've found no documentation saying exactly what I'm supposed to do, the steps in the install manual say to run:
      1.     SLD system: Configure and Activate SLD
      2.     SLD system: Connect SLD to CEN (if CEN present)
      3.     NWA system: Basic Configuration
      4.     NWA system: Connect NWA to CEN (if CEN present)
      5.     NWA system:  Store access data per each managed Java system.
      6.     NWA system: Register each managed ABAP system to SLD
      7.     Managed Java system: Register system to SLD

      I don't see the first two in the new list of "tasks." And the rest are maybe named a little different, although I think I can pick out what corresponds to which.

      I've found the Collective Note 923359 for the Configuration Wizard, but it's not much help as far as telling me what I need to run for my usage types.

      Is there any documentation you could point me to that will tell me exactly what I need to run for the usage types I've installed?


      Author's profile photo Boris Zarske
      Boris Zarske
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, you are right, the names of the configuration tasks changed. The exact procedure which configuration task has to be used for which step to configure SAP NetWeaver Administrator can be found in the "Monitoring Setup Guide for NW 7.0 SP Stack 12" (availabe at -> Monitoring), page 58f.

      The colleagues are working on updating the installation guide (the SAP Note corresponding to the installation guide will contain an update in the next days).

      Thanks once again for your help!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I just finished to install SAP NW 7.0 EHP1 SR1 SAPMAXDB Windows server 2003.
      I put, also, the last kernel and last stack (SP06) in Java and ABAP.
      JAVA (DM2) and ABAP (DM1) have been installed separantly

      Now, I have to run the Configuration Wizard.
      when I launch the configuration wizard, i must select a task name:
      * BI Initial Setup for ABAP
      * BI-Java / technical configuration of BI-Java (repeatable, reproducible)

      I read the doc, but it is written choose the correct selection without explanation. But my problem is which task name, I have to select ??? BI Initial Setup for ABAP or BI-Java / technical configuration of BI-Java (repeatable, reproducible)

      Someone has an idea ??
      Do you explain me what do I select ???

      thanks for your help

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      When i try to select the all PI templats in NWA...
      It isn't selecting more than one templat how can i select all 11 templates and start...
      or else
      I need to select one PI Templates then i start ..
      Please help me in this regards,


      Author's profile photo Boris Zarske
      Boris Zarske
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Kumar,

      There should be an all-in-one PI template - if this fits your requirements, select only this one and all required steps should be executed, you could ignore all other PI templates in this case.

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to select more than one template at once in the moment (although there are plans to provide such a feature in the future to minimize the amount of information to be entered redundantly).

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Boris,
      We are facing a strange problem, while creating the track based on template. We are on SP15. In the Transport Studio view of CMS the standard SCs SAP_BUILDT, JTECHS, JEE cannot be seen.They are not available there for checking in and importing.
      Are the admistrators missing out on something?

      Thanks in advance,