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Who is Mister SDN according to Spock?

Spock is a people search engine, that just opened up its beta gates. Of course I had to check who their top SDNer is. As people can sign up, claim their own profile and tag other themselves and other people it will soon not reflect machine results anymore, but homan enhanced ones, which we hope will greatly improves their results.  

I hope you made your guess who it may be and drumroll here is the result of the first person that is shown when you search for SDN: Good old Dan is number one. Of course it could be, that he is so on top of things, that he has filled out his spock profile already.


O.K. but what happens when you search for our name spelled out? “SAP Developer Network”? Wow, Shay Barry my Israeli colleague is number one and look who’s smiling from last year’s SDN Day proudly wearing the SDN Crew shirt?image Of course I also had to check pure SAP:  imageThe result is not too surprising, as Shai was always the most active SAP board member on the Internet and with his departure there were lots of stories written about him, so this additional attention got him up there.   A little further down, I love that tireless SAP relationship builder and SDN promotor at Adobe Matthias Zeller is on the first SAP page. Well deserved.image


Now what about  BPX?  Who is holding up the  BPX Community Flag? image

I guess we will have to work a bit harder on that one. The concept seems to be too new for Spock to have people associated with it. The beauty is one can help out and tag people. Marco? 

Shai’s profile also shows the danger of this automatic created profiles. To see him being tagged a Jewish Person makes me very uncomfortable. Having grown up in Germany I know what consequences these labels can have.

I searched for the reference, but couldn’t find one, but the survival rate of Jews in the Netherlands during Nazi occupation was about 20%, in their next door neighbor Belgium it was around 50%.

The difference is attributed in part to having registration data available in the Netherlands and none in Belgium. We are playing with fire here.

Of course I had to click on the Jewish Person tag: Jesus from Nazareth is the first entry, which is correct, some need a reminder I am sure. Of course it is debatable whether he should be the first one shown.

Check the tag Christian and you may be in for a surprise who aced out Jesus.

I better stop now as I have shown, chauvinism by asking who is the top Mister SDN*, talked about religion and slipped in some politics too. All things that you usually avoid in a professional setting like this. I just couldn’t help it and I hope you liked it. 

* To my defense I must say that the latest census data coming from our questionnaire, that we just finished, shows unfortunately that only 12% of our members are femal. I was fairly confident, that number one would be a male.  

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      ...other people is an awful idea.

      there might be a new menace soon: 'Watch out, or I'll tag you on Spocky!'

      btw, was Jesus Christ really Christian?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Actually, I think the tagging system is quite novel, however, only if I knew how the "voting" system is calibrated as there is no way to vote "no" on something you can only vote for it.  So, if someone tags me as "wanker" I'm not sure I can do anything about it.  It would be really great if your vote could overridden by a groundswell of popular opinion.  "No, Dan you really are a wanker." -- hehe


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Mark:

      Nice -:D Need to wait till I get home so I can update my Spook profile -:) Thanks for sharing.



      Author's profile photo Matthias Zeller
      Matthias Zeller
      Interestingly I am only on page 4 when you search for Adobe. Maybe SAP should pay part of salary 😉
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
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