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Recently we have initiated a KPI Wiki with the goal to define a common language for business KPIs.

The biggest challenge we face in that project is that we have to involve as many people as possible to produce good and valuable content. Now, how could we do that?

Well, the site has to be appealing. So one of the first ideas was to award an iPod to the best contributor of the wiki. As a second step we wanted to address the entertainment aspect as well. One of my colleagues came up with the idea of producing a video. The idea sounds great, but you still need a good story to tell. Finally we came up with the analogy of the tower of babel that crashed due to a lack of common language and…

…but why don’t you take a look yourself:


Maybe some of you have other ideas how to attract more experts to such a business related topic. Any other suggestions or feedback to the video are very welcome.


In the spirit of creating community based content I would like to submit the KPI Video to the “Be a Media Star” contest:

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  1. Former Member

    Great video and an example of how you are defining the next generation of collaboration !

    Chapeau and I am looking forward to more submissions

  2. Former Member
    I really enjoyed this. Quality production, good content, imaginative, and even entertaining … which is great for a topic like “business KPIs” which may not be a natural first choice for entertainment value. 

    It would be great to see more video used on SDN and BPX communities, showing the perspectives and personalities of our community members.  Don’t be intimidated by “it’s not good enough”… have you seen YouTube lately? … Your unique perspective, the quality of your content, and a little bit of imagination are most important.

    We’re sending colleagues to TechEd in Las Vegas and Munich with video cameras in order to capture the excitement and vibrancy of the events.  I invite other members of the community to do the same: bring your still or video camera and post your photos or short videos so the rest of the community can see TechEd from your perspective. 

    Mark Yolton

  3. Former Member Post author
    Hi folks,

    thanks for your comments and compliments. Any ideas how to involve more people in the discussions around KPIs in the KPI Wiki? We need more feedback and entries to make the whole thing more valuable.


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