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My experience using the new Blogging editor

I haven’t write new blog in some time, mainly because I get married and also because I’m working a new project.

This time, I made some time in my agenda to test the new blog editor and drop some of my ranting comments.

I think that Eddy De Clercq already said some of this, but I’m going to say it again.


  • The blogging window should be maximized by default.
  • The Insert/Edit link works really nice, giving you the option to open the link in the main window or in another window.
  • The option to insert either images or media works fine too…It’s great not to have to do that by plain HTML.
  • We got some Copy, Cut and Paste (Plain or from Word) options that are a big improvement and will help us to not doing the job of formatting code.
  • Talking about tables, we got a lot of options to play with…I love doing HTML coding, but when it comes to tables, things can get really messy, so this is a great tool for showing thinks the right way.

I tought at first, that I was going to have some complains about this new system…But by writting this, I can say that I’m more than happy. A big step for blogging.

To finish my short blog, I would like to add a little wishlist…


  • Can Emoticons be included?
  • Some spell checking would be great…I usually use Firefox so I don’t need to worry about that…But I’m writting this using IE…So…
  • Some ABAP, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Java, Python, BSP systax coloring should be added.
  • Align options should be added too…I haven’t found any…

What do you think….Too much for a wishlist? Or can add a few more items?


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