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I haven’t write new blog in some time, mainly because I get married and also because I’m working a new project.

This time, I made some time in my agenda to test the new blog editor and drop some of my ranting comments.

I think that Eddy De Clercq already said some of this, but I’m going to say it again.


  • The blogging window should be maximized by default.
  • The Insert/Edit link works really nice, giving you the option to open the link in the main window or in another window.
  • The option to insert either images or media works fine too…It’s great not to have to do that by plain HTML.
  • We got some Copy, Cut and Paste (Plain or from Word) options that are a big improvement and will help us to not doing the job of formatting code.
  • Talking about tables, we got a lot of options to play with…I love doing HTML coding, but when it comes to tables, things can get really messy, so this is a great tool for showing thinks the right way.

I tought at first, that I was going to have some complains about this new system…But by writting this, I can say that I’m more than happy. A big step for blogging.

To finish my short blog, I would like to add a little wishlist…


  • Can Emoticons be included?
  • Some spell checking would be great…I usually use Firefox so I don’t need to worry about that…But I’m writting this using IE…So…
  • Some ABAP, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Java, Python, BSP systax coloring should be added.
  • Align options should be added too…I haven’t found any…

What do you think….Too much for a wishlist? Or can add a few more items?


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  1. Former Member
    Never too much for a wishlist…

    Appreciate your thoughts. 

    They will be added to our own growing wishlist. 

    See you in Las Vegas,

    Mark Yolton

  2. Oliver Kohl
    Hey Blag,

    maybe it would be worth to mention that I had quite some trouble to use the new editor in Firefox by that FF opened all additional windows to small that using them worked out to be impossible, because you couldn’t see the buttons e.g.

    There were some other minor issues I don’t remember now but overall I think it’s an big improvement so thanks a lot to the folks at SDN for finally releasing it to the wild.


  3. Former Member
    Rest assure that your feedback is very valuable and we will get back to you about your suggestions soon. Scott Lawley, our solution management contact person will be sharing more soon.



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