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Beating back BSP bugs

This is not a story about how I killed a microwave by cooking a burrito for 60 minutes Important lessons involving BSP Model View Binding and a Frozen Burrito. This is just a story about how one man in his daily quest solved a nagging problem that was bothering him just a little too much.

The other day when I was Podcast Contributor Spotlight: Nigel James, I mentioned that I liked to blog about problems that I had solved so that others did not have to endure the pain.

This was such a day.

Exhibit A – The Problem


This is just want I wanted, a bug. It has caused an error, but where is it and how can I fix it?

This kind of a bug generates a error log in the ST22 transaction.


Not much help either, so I searched the font of all SAP knowledge, SDN/BPX/SNC (whatever we are branding it these days) and find nothing useful.

I then Class connection to BSP page in the forums and awaited a flood of responses. But days later I noticed that the email on my blackberry has somehow broken so I did’t notice the responses.

Once I had fixed my email and decided to come back to the problem I discovered that the answers I was given weren’t really making me jump over the moon with joy. So in order to not have to reinvent the wheel I called my BSP brain trust but they were working in the basement and had no mobile reception.

OK so I decided that I really should take a closer look myself. I noticed in the part of the code that was failing a class ( CL_O2_RT_SUPPORT ) with a few very meaningfully named methods. The one that really got my attention was: GET_PAGE_BY_CLASSNAME.

Breath deeply here because the O2 in that class name really does stand for oxygen.

This was exactly what I wanted and because it is a static class I could run it from SE24 and get my answer: the BSP page that was so elusive.


Fixing the error

Generating the page doesn’t cut the mustard. You will get an infomration message:


and then the object will generate sucessfully.


To really find the error you have to do a syntax check (CTRL+F2) just like the ST22 error report told us we should.

So I did that, fixed the bug and my problems were over. Pimms o’clock.

In summary, if you are looking for a a way to get the BSP view name from a generated class name go to SE24 and run the static method GET_PAGE_BY_CLASSNAME in method CL_O2_RT_SUPPORT.

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