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I’ll Be There and I’m getting 50 points for telling you…

You guessed it, they’re back and better than ever! We’ve expanded so be sure to take a good look at what is what, and how it all works this year. Then let us know if “you’ll be there” as well.

So those of you that have been around the last couple of SAP TechEd events will know these already and for those of you that are new you’ll love them as much as the rest of us!

The “I’ll Be There Banners” are back!

A few things to keep in mind and remember this year like the last two years these are meant of course for blogs, websites and the such outside of our community so points won’t be given for you placing the banners on your wiki profile, your blog or anywhere else on the or domain. Mine for example is now located on which is my blog/website outside of the community. 

How do I put a banner on my site or blog?

Select the banner or banners you’d like to use from the options below. Copy the corresponding HTML code and use it as you would any other referenced image. The banner needs to point back to (or if you are attending Community Day).

Of course we are being generous again this year like last year and giving away points, 50 points again for each unique domain that a banner is placed on. So I’ll be seeing a nice 50 points for having them on my blog (remember doesn’t matter how many images you use, just one time 50 points for a unique domain and only one domain per user!

As I said we expanded things this year as well, last year a couple of companies added the banners and we of course (without really having a plan) gave points to each member from that organization registered on SDN (BPX wasn’t in play at the time) so this year we’ve decided to make it quite official and if your organization or company adds the banner to their website or blog we will treat it the same way (unique domains please) and each member on SDN or BPX (registered email – the primary one must be the company email id) will receive 10 points.

How many points do I get for posting a banner on my company site or blog?

If your company chooses to add one of the banners to the company website or company blog then SDN and BPX will be happy to reward each registered member of SDN and BPX who are registered under the posting company’s email ID. For example, if the company ABC adds the TechEd ’07 banner to their home page, then every member of SDN and BPX with the email ID would then receive 10 points.

So there you go all ready to go!

Now of course on to how you will actually get your points. For that we’ve got a Wiki page (you can edit the page and add your entry OR comment to the page!)

The Wiki page is here: Be There Banners

So head over to the Banner page and see what you can add. Points and links will be reviewed over a period of time so please be patient it could be that one person might receive the points sooner and another later it all depends on time as you know we are all heavily involved in SAP TechEd to make it the best possible experience for you – tip stop by the Clubhouse and find one of us and we’ll review it then if we can 😉

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I do love this idea, but I have a problem with the format.
      All banners are 235x80, which is somehow impossible for a typical blog because of the 200px sidebar width.

      Any suggestions?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      OK, I temporarily fixed that problem by rezising the banner to 200x68 and hosting it by my own.


      If there is another solution available, please drop me a line.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I placed two on mine side by side in the bigger column 🙂 most tend to do that.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I thought about this, too, but I have a blog with a fixed style template...