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Create a Simple File Share with AS Java

Create a Simple File Share with AS Java


I started using this method of creating a file share a few years back when teaching a class. The students needed to download some files of the network but unfortunately share drives on the version of Windows on my laptop only allowed 10 connections…this caused a lot of issues with trying to get the students the course content they needed. So I used this handy little method that might help you too.


You need the SAP AS Java up and running. This particular document is based on AS Java 04s (7.00), but the same setup is possible using the 04 (6.40) version as well.

How it Works

You just need to create a folder that contains the content you want to share. Then create an HTTP alias that is mapped to this folder. Once this is done the alias can be accessed by other via a browser.

Browser Share

Steps for creating the share

Step 1

Create a directory somewhere on a hard drive that you want to share the contents of. For instance C:\downloads would work.

Step 2

Start the Visual Administrator and logon to the AS Java, once logged on go to the HTTP Provider service of the server node.

HTTP Provider

Step 3

Select the Runtime tab, and then the General tab. Here you need to check the “Directory List” checkbox. Click the “Save Properties” button.

Directory List

Step 4

Switch to the Aliases tab. Enter the alias name in the Alias textbox. Enter the folder that you want to share in the Path textbox. Click the Add button and then click the Save Properties button.


Step 5

You should now be able to browse and download any content that exists in the folder (and any sub folders) that the alias it mapped to. The above alias configuration would be shared out with the following URL: http://:/download

Browser Share

This of course be used for more than just a way to share documents. You could also load static web content into this alias and have your web applications use the images and other content stored there. Web Dynpro does just this…you might notice that a Web Dynpro alias already exists! This is where all the images and other static content is stored and accessed from.

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      Author's profile photo Prashil Wasnik
      Prashil Wasnik

      I am using EP7 on SP 6.
      I tried to implement the method, but it is showing me the error as "Directory listing is not allowed on this server" under error code 403.

      Is any other services needs to be started.
      Please comment.


      Author's profile photo Jeff Gebo
      Jeff Gebo
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Prashil,

      take a look at step 3 above, you have to select the check box for "Directory List". Then save the properties and stop and restart the HTTP service.

      Let me know if you have any issues.


      Author's profile photo Johannes Bacher
      Johannes Bacher
      Hello Jeff,
      actually my questiuon is not related to this blog, but to your newly advertised how-to guide about interactive forms in BSP applications. The download does not work, the Adobe reader says the file is damaged.
      Could you please re-post the file! I am really interested.

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Jeff Gebo
      Jeff Gebo
      Blog Post Author
      Hmmm...I just tried it and the download worked fine...not sure what the problem is, but if you send me an email I will reply back with the HowTo Guided attached.