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Facebook meet the Community, Community meet Facebook…

   Facebook to SAP Community Network 
  Ursprünglich hochgeladen von Craig & Nicole Cmehil

The other week while in New York at the SAP Social Media Summit the question of should we integrate into existing communities or not and of course with the fact that Facebook as jump something like 600% in the past several weeks we started talking about the “what if”.

I downloaded the PHP client for Facebook and then due to lack of internet in my hotel (hardware problems by the hotel) I wasn’t able to do anything until yesterday but then Facebook was dead so I had to wait until today to really try testing.

The screen shot is the first attempts. The idea at the moment for a test really is to simply bridge the SAP Community Network with Facebook. So what you have here is a collection of “Communities” (OK so I didn’t really add a lot) and you select the ones you are interested in. Once you select them the app will store multiple RSS feeds associated with those communities in the database assigned to your user and when the page loads you get the latest entries from all of those communities.

Nothing huge or complicated although Facebook as a platform I must say is a stretch in terms of “ease of use” but none the less it does work to an extent (debugging is a pain).

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