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Bliz – Episode 13 – Answers

As Bliz completes it’s 13th episode, I was thinking of ways to improve it and to make it more interesting. I have already got some wonderful feedback from fellow SDNers and here are some points –

1. It’s a pain copying the answers to a mail window manually and sending it. It takes the fun out of the quiz. It would be good if the answers are just radio buttons and I just select the answers and click on a Submit button. This is a very good idea and makes a lot of sense. I am trying to implement this and this also means taking the quiz out of the blog area which brings to my next point.

2. Many people feel that having a quiz is a nice way to learn new things, but many also feel that it should not be a blog. Perfectly valid point. But as of now there is no specific area in SDN for quizzing. If an area is created, it will be really great. Someone has to convince the moderators to do that.

3. Why only one quiz master? It also happened a week ago that I was on training and one week went without Bliz. Bliz is for everyone. So to make it more intereactive, I suggest that we have different quiz masters every month. It also takes the monotony out of the style of questions. If someone is interested in setting questions, please do mail me at . You can start right away from Episode 14. Let’s have a new quiz master.

Now the answers and scores –

The topic for this episode was “Implementing an External-Facing Portal”.

1. The following are some of the steps for preparing a portal to serve as an external-facing portal.
 i) Configure the navigation cache
 ii) Create/modify navigation iViews
 iii) Define user profiles
 iv) Assign content to users
Select the right sequence. (1 point)

a) i, ii, iii, iv
b) iii, iv, i, ii
c) iii, i, iv, ii
d) i, ii, iv, iii

Answer – b

2. DI stands for (0.5 point)
a) Delta Installation
b) Distributed Infrastructure
c) Demo Infrastructure
d) Developer Infrastructure

Answer – d

3. Which one of the following step is not a step in the IT Process “using the External-facing Portal”? (0.5 point)
a) Monitor performance and usage statistics
b) Anonymous users register with the portal
c) Anonymous and registered users work with the portal
d) Registered users log on to the portal

Answer – a

4. Defining quick links for specific portal content is the responsibility of (0.5 point)
a) System Administrator
b) Developer
c) Content Administrator
d) User Administrator

Answer – c

5. The SAP NetWeaver portal provides tools and guidelines for implementing an external-facing portal for a variety of business scenarios for registered users but not for anonymous users. True or False? (0.5 point)
a) True
b) False

Answer – b

Scores –

Aditya Varrier – 3
ArunKumar – 3
Harini – 3
Kanwalpreet Singh – 3
Vijai – 3
Christophe DUMONT – 3
Pranesh – 3

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