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I’ll try to be more synthetic as possible this time. There’s really nothing to say, but there’s a lot to use, and maybe some time to gain!

Well, I am a Firefox user and I like the integrated search engine (the one in the upper right corner) to find stuff on Google and Wikipedia, mainly. But this morning I was wondering why I couldn’t search SDN as well with this useful tool. So I went to Mozilla Firefox pages, and I found the way. It took me just a couple of hours to understand what I was supposed to do where (and I was that slow, men… ๐Ÿ™‚




And, finally, the result is this: you can now follow the link below (please, use Firefox only) and add SDN as a search source in your Firefox search bar. Sorry but I must redirect you to my company site ’cause SDN doens’t allow javascript code inside weblogs!



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  1. Former Member
    Great job on this.  I tested it and it works well.  It definitely saves me one tedious step of going to the home page before searching.  Thanks!


    1. Former Member
      Hi Alessandro,

      I am a firefox user, WhenI click on “INSTALL”. It gives me the following error

      DB function failed with error number 1034
      Incorrect key file for table ‘tl_mambo_session’; try to repair it SQL=SELECT session_id FROM tl_mambo_session WHERE session_id=MD5(‘2a94c9864726b4e10baab553c8d8d29c’)
      SQL =

      SELECT session_id FROM tl_mambo_session WHERE session_id=MD5(‘2a94c9864726b4e10baab553c8d8d29c’)

      Pls give me the search engine link to add SDN


    1. Former Member Post author
      Dear Eddy,
      Thank you for your unvaluable comment.
      Indeed I did make the search, and couldn’t find anything similar. I don’t like wasting my time, you know, creating and reposting existing stuff…

      It seems there’s a big problem searching for weblogs on SDN in the last weeks, meaning that they simply don’t appear in search hits. And this is not happening to me only, but to many other people.

      Anyway, if this weblog is useless, I don’t think someone will be harmed by that.



      1. Mark Finnern
        Hi Alex and Eddy,

        Please accept our sincere apology for the blog search not being up to par in the last weeks.
        We have looked into it and tuned a couple of things and it is better now, but I guess when you started your blog Alex, it wasn’t working yet.

        So sorry for the double work, Mark. 

        1. Former Member Post author
          Many thanks for you making that clear.
          As I said, I don’t like wasting time…
          Anyway, not willing to be polemic at all, I’m strongly convinced that there could be a nicer way to say what Eddy pointed out.

          Thanks again.



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