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1. In case of Remote Delta Links, an SAP NetWeaver portal producer can offer content from its location to be copied to a remote consumer. Copied content becomes local consumer content and can be (0.5 point)
a) reused.
b) reused and configured.
c) reused, configured, and customized.
d) reused, configured,customized and combined.

Answer – c

2. RRA stands for (0.5 point)
a) Random Role Assignment
b) Remote Role Assignment
c) Remote Role Assessment
d) Random Role Assessment

Answer – b

3. Which one of the following statements is false? (1 point)
a) All portals should reside in the same subdomain of the network
b) The portals should be connected to the same user store preferably
c) The portals have to use the same transport protocol
d) There should be a “barrier” established between the portals such as firewalls, reverse proxies or load balancers.

Answer – d

4. Which one of the following notes gives information about FPN and Information Broadcasting? (0.5 point)
a) 969040
b) 853509
c) 880482
d) 538884

Answer – a

5. The limitation of WSRP is that it does not allow sharing of portlets (iViews) between SAP and non-SAP portals. True or False? (0.5 point)
a) True
b) False

Answer – b

Scores –

Harini – 3
Vijai – 3
Kanwalpreet Singh – 2
Christophe DUMONT – 2


The questions were taken from the following blog/article –

“FPN Part II – Configuring a Federated Portal Network” by Jana Richter
“Implementing a Federated Portal Network” by Jana Richter

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