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This past Wednesday we held a first ever “Moderators” meeting on site in Walldorf, during this event Gali was up from Israel and several of the moderators joined in person while others joined via WebEx and telephone.

You can see from Frank that we had a rather interesting start ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously we had power, how was I supposed to know that I still had to hit the button for “power for presenter” the laptop was getting juice I swear it! hahaha

Anyway the whole point of this meeting was a kick off to expand the roles of the moderators beyond what they currently do as well as to give some best practices on how to deal with the nasty cases of “point gaming” as well as those requesting copyrighted material to be mailed to them. Note: to all we are going to start cracking down even harder in the future. Enough is enough!

Things started off with Michael giving an update on what we are working on and everything (for you moderators you can find this all in the Moderator Wiki space).

Followed by Gali giving the tips and tricks for dealing with the problem users then Scott and I (Scott we put on the spot but as usual he rocked!) followed up with the idea of the “Expert Wiki Concept” which we will be rolling out very soon to the community.

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  1. Former Member
    Thanks for the update.. eager to see how the Moderators deal with the points-hunters-grabbers & their ilk.. ie how many of them would eventually end up as winners in the annual contest..

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