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First the answers –

1. WSRP stands for (0.5 point)
a) Web Services for Remote Portals
b) Web Services for Remote Portlets
c) Web Servers for Remote Portals
d) Web Servers for Remote Parties

Answer – b

2. URL will lead you to – (0.5 point)
a) FPN Cookbook
b) FPN example
c) FPN Knowledge Center
d) FPN forum

Answer – c

3. Which one of the following statements is false? (1 point)
a) FPN is a way of sharing content between different portals.
b) FPN provides functionality which is comparable to URL linking between portals.
c) FPN offers functionality for synchronizing or transporting content in a portal landscape.
d) FPN does not provide means to improve performance considerably over long distances.

Answer – c

4. Which one of the following is not a feature of FPN? (0.5 point)
a) Remote Role Assignment
b) Remote Delta Links
d) Remote Access Management

Answer – d

5. A consumer portal is the portal which contains portal content and where applications are executed. A producer portal links from its own content offering to remote content located on the producer. True or False? (0.5 point)
a) True
b) False

Answer – b

Now the scores –

Harini – 3
ArunKumar – 2
Uri – 2
Luciano – 2
Kanwalpreet Singh – 2
Aditya Varrier – 1

Congratulation!!! I will consolidate the points and they will be credited at the end of the month. Keep collecting.

The questions are taken from the following blogs –

“First Blog Entry : Welcome to a Federated World” by Alan Rubin
“An Introduction to Federated Portal Network (FPN)”by Jana Richter

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