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Starship Enterprisey Radio does it again with a member of the SDN community, have a listen to a sneak inside the head of Demo Jam, SDN and TechEd celebrity Dan McWeeney. We simply couldn’t resist after watching his Twitter stream and seeing some of the cool things he’s been working on. Come and listen to the ins and outs of Adobe Flex!


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  1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo
    Another great Interview! -:D Thanks guys -;)
    Now I wanted to download and test flex…Will I ever be able to stop learning new programming languages and tools? I hope never -:)



  2. Anton Wenzelhuemer
    I refuse to listen to podcasts. First, because I refuse to own such an oh-so-cool-pod-thingy and second and more important because I don’t like podcasts due to their immanent slow mediation of information/facts and their lack of indexability and usability of later quick reference.

    My problem. Though I hope someday podcasts are being transcribed regularly or at least abstracted.

    Well, I thought, let’s have a quick look at that ‘Twitter-Stream’ mentioned to get a hint what cool stuff Daniel is doing these times. I went there not knowing at all what a twitter-stream is about and – D’oh! – what is that all about? Is that really meant to mean something to anyone not member of some clique? I couldn’t make any sense of those unordered chunks of information.

    Laugh about me but I guess I won’t find out what cool things Daniel McWeeney is doing and I have to admit that I don’t feel like wanting to pick some relevant info out of a sea of personal particulars which are none of my business.

    BTW, has someone really viewed anything close to 600+ pics of the Community Next gathering?


    1. Community User
      Actually I did view all of them looking for one of Mark but didn’t find one at the time.

      Transcribing them would be cool, if there was a tool I’d use it but since there isn’t and I’ve no time it’s sort of kind of kills the motivation. has a cool search which searches the actual audio – few attempts I’ve made have been not bad.

      Who says you need a name brand 😉 any mp3 player works 🙂

      As for Twitter it’s certainly not a clique anymore but more a means of IM’ing without actually IM’ing and has proven quite useful many times but when looking at a whole stream all at once it can prove to be more chaos than useful.

  3. Why the Flash-bashing?  Flash is simply the “runtime”.  Flex/AIR is the magic.  Two different beasts.

    Flex enables *rapid* creation of a “WYWIWYG” user interface – “what you want is what you get”.  It allows people to innovate, which provides advantage, whereas accepting the status quo results in parity, at best.

    Every time I have to do my expenses in SAP GUI, I realize how much room there is for UI improvement… 😉

    1. Oops.  I mixed my comparisons.  AIR is the runtime also in this case…but nevertheless, it is the “design time” capabilities where the magic resides…
    2. Anton Wenzelhuemer
      Flash, Flex, AIR. For almost 10 years they tried to get a food into serious UI business and always failed and will continue to do so. Even now with opensourcing their stuff they either go a completely new direction (close coop with the mozilla teams) or will continue to produce stuff of little impact.

      Concerning the increase in innovation, IMHO it’s a common misperception that abstraction layers allow the not so smart ones to be innovative. It allows them to rapidly create commodities. Innovation on this level happens very rarely, in contrary the innovation happens almost always when someone modifies/improves the abstraction layer for his personal advantage or for the good of a larger community.

      Anyway, nice marketing. Is SAP going to take over that Flex stuff for free from Adobe because it’s its own major adoptor around?



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