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On the road…

Imagine the following scenario. You are on the road, no wireless lan in sight and you need some information regarding TechEd 07. You remember that there was a blog on SDN about it but the printout is lying on your desk at work. What can you do?
No problem just use this new website which allows you to search for weblogs on SDN and is especially optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone or a Blackberry.


How does it look like?

My main goal was to build a simple and functional site. The screenshot below shows the results for the query “teched 07”.


Here is another example. This time the query is “ruby on rails”.


When you click on a result item the application downloads the blog from SDN and removes the frame which usually surrounds it. This makes it easier to read blogs on small displays or with a browser which does not support frames.

The generated traffic is minimal. Each query with 20 results costs around 8kb of traffic (assuming the logo gets cached by the device). This is great for people who do not have unlimited data.


How does it work?


The application uses Yahoo’s Web Search REST API which is very easy to use and delivers solid results. A developer simply constructs a url which contains the query and gets a XML document as a response. The following example is a query which searches all blog posts on SDN with the word ABAP:

In the end the rails application parses the XML document and displays the results.


Try it!

Make sure you give it a test drive just click here. Please be aware that I consider this application as a prototype and there is no guarantee that it will work 100% of the time.

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  1. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Thomas,

    I’ve just tried it on my BlackBerry. It looks great and the search works better than the SDN own search. When I try here to search for CRM it doesn’t give any result. I’ve just tried if Google Reader has a Mobile friendly format: It does. Now I know what to do when I go traveling by train.

    Thank you.


    1. Former Member
      Slight issue with corrupted indexes and it’s being worked on – THEN the search here will work again ๐Ÿ˜‰

      @Thomas nice job very cool!

    1. Thomas Alexander Ritter Post author
      Hi Raja,

      I have to admit that I have never heard about the imate pocket pc. But it is nice to hear that the rendering works fine (was not sure how CSS is supported on these devices).

      cheers Thomas

    2. Martin English
      A quick suggestion; use this post to add your device (if its other than a blackberry or ipad / iphone), and it works successfully.  This will keep the list of compatible phones in one place, both for the rest of us and for Thomas.

      Nokia N95 (S60 version 3)

  2. Former Member
    Well you said it would be easy, and the great thing about this mashup is the speed; availability of blogs anywhere, and with added search, whenever I’m waiting at an airport or anywhere, I can just pull out my Blackberry and read-up on another SDN’ers ideas.

    Well done, thank you; now Mark – Can you please sponsor this with an official version, as I reckon this functionality is great for SDN and SAP.



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