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As First Blog Entry : Welcome to a Federated World, I’m here again to tell you about some new material and developments that our team has been working in and that will be publish here at SDN in the next weeks.

As you already know, the Federated Portal Network (FPN) is this month’s main topic on SDN, so we have restructured the Content Sharing in SAP NetWeaver Portal considerably. The new structure in this page and a lot of new material could help you with your portal projects. We have divided the FPN information into separate topics:

Overview: Federated Portal Network – Will give you all the central information that you might need, ranging from high-level presentations and technical briefs to central notes providing all known issues / limitations and an FAQ section.

Configuring a Federated Portal Network – This area provides useful links to recordings showing initial configuration steps as well as more detailed information like How-To-Guides.

Content Sharing Modes: Remote Role Assignment, Remote Delta Links, WSRP content sharing – provides in depth information on the specific content sharing modes like recordings, links to documentation and recommended read links.

We are also planning to present you the following new material:

Jana will introduce you the general concepts of FPN and many use cases for implementing a Federated Portal Network. She will show how to set up a Federated Portal Network from scratch and the content sharing types that are possible using the federated architecture: Remote Role Assignment, Remote Delta Links and WSRP. Take a look An Introduction to Federated Portal Network (FPN) and FPN Part II – Configuring a Federated Portal Network for blog posts already published.

Oren will give you know-how on special issues and troubleshooting when setting up a Federated Network Portal – like setting up proxies, load balancing and other issues that sometimes can be tricky to deal with.

Yaron will explain to you the motivations and functionality behind the new user interface for registering a producer to your portal – new parameters and steps – everything in a cool eLearning presentation.

Avi, our WSRP expert, will tell you everything connected with WSRP. He will present you a WSRP introduction, talk about SAP compliance to the standard, and show the benefits of WSRP support. This includes an impressive presentation on how to develop content using .NET, deploy it on a non-SAP portal and consume it in the SAP NetWeaver Portal – – easily done with our platform.

Eli will talk about the XML Content and Action handlers for FPN, which can help you establishing and managing a Federated Portal Network automatically, without needing to configure it using the user interface. This includes configuring a proxy server, creating a producer for the portal, registering it and creating remote delta links in the fastest way possible.

Michael will give insight into Remote Role Assignment – how to configure and use it, how it works and the similarities to the local role assignment. He will also give you tips about special issues and answers to the most asked questions.

Now it is your time… Which issue are you most interested in? Do you have any suggestions for additions to this list?

See you,
Alan Rubin

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for putting together all of this surrounding FPN. This is very timely for us as we are upgrading our BW landscape from 3.1 to 7.0, which as you know brings up a BI-Portal. Our BI landscape has 9 environments while our EP (enterprise wide) has 3 environments (dev, qa and prd). I think FPN is the ideal solution to architect such an environment.

    I would like to see more with regards to BI-Portal and EP integration using FPN and especially answer the questions:

    Q) Is there a scenario where we can integrate EP and BI (with BI-Portal) without using FPN? If yes, what are the features in BI that we loose by not doing FPN?

    Q) Which sps of Netweaver Portal 7.0 support what and what RRA, Remote KM, Broadcasting.. etc

    Thank you,

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Kiran,

      First many thanks for giving feedback for this post. I was glad to heard about your landscape configuration and what you think about FPN for your environment.

      We are planning to publish some materials in the near future about BI-Portal and EP integration, as we feel that this is becoming a hot issue. We may have a couple of news in that area in the next months, so stay connected and keep reading my blog…

      Regarding your questions: You can integrate EP and BI by using the techniques described in the following link – FPN is mentioned there as Global portal (network portal). The main advantage of using FPN is that you get session management and attribute inheritance between local and remote iViews as provided by delta links (RDL) and seamlessly integration between producer and consumer, such as themes and locales.

      Regarding SPs support, NetWeaver Portal 7.0 SPs9 supports RRA with version interoperability and SPs10 supports RDL functionality. Details about broadcasting functionality support are described in the BI-EP faq and in the following link.

      Alan Rubin

      1. Former Member

        I am also interested in more detailed answer to Kiran’s question about scenario of using a single portal for EP and BI. In our case, we have one global production instance of ECC and BI each.

        Best Regards,

        1. Former Member Post author
          Hi Mark,

          Thanks for you comment. As I wrote to Kiran, we feel that EP/FPN and BI scenario is becoming a hot issue.

          I’m planning to write a post about that scenario in the next week, as I feel that is impossible to mention it in just one comment reply.

          Stay connected…

          Best Regards,
          Alan Rubin

  2. Former Member

    Hi Team,


    We are also Planning to Upgrade our BI from NW 7.0 to 7.4,

    Our EP is on 7.0,

    So after upgrade how would we make sure the communication between two system without any impact, is FPN usefull in this case.

    IF yes then can you please share more information on this aspect


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