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Webdynpro ABAP  provides a set of tools to enhance the basic functionality provided by the standard product. This will be an inevitable thing when it comes to the customer implementations. With the use of Pre/Post exit functionality , a consultant has the liberty to modify the different functionalities provided by the standard code.In this blog , I will be discussing the POST exit and PRE exit functionalities in detail.In the standard code, a typical view method section will look like this.


And as the name suggests , this enhancement technique can be used when you want to do some modification after or before the standard code is executed. POST/PRE exit can be implemented to all the view methods as well as the component controller methods. The following are the step by step method which needs to be followed to implement.Before enhancing any standard code , you need to create an enhancement implementation for that. For this first go to your specified View and click on the spiral available.


On click of the enhancement spiral , user will be asked to provide the enhancement implementation .If there is an existing enhancement implementation , user can reuse that otherwise user has the liberty to create a new enhancement implementation for this purpose.

Once the enhancement implementation is provided , if you traverse to the methods section of the view , you could see new POST/PRE exit create option available against each of the methods.


Now you could put your enhancement code inside the post or pre exit methods.


There are some things which need to be taken care of , firstly pre/post exists are closely associated with the enhancement implementations. So when you enhance your webdynpro component , use the right enhancement implementation otherwise your code enhancement will not be visible. The second point , you can associate the enhancement implementation with switch framework through your package. So for the enhancement implementations to work , you need to enable switch which the package is associated with.

In the next blog we will be exploring more on the class enhancements
You could find more about the enhancement techniques in the

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