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*Prerequests: *
1. WebAS ABAP as of rel. 7.00
2. Webdynpro/ICF/ICM is configured.
3. WebAS JAVA with same release connected to the ABAP.
4. ADS configured on the JAVA stack.
5. Adobe Livecycle Designer Installed on the client machine.
6. Basic ABAP skills.
*The goal: *
DroDown Listboxes are available in ZCI (Zero client Installation) Interactive forms for Webdynpro ABAP. This weblog will guide you step by step how to implement this. In the first part only a DropDown with static values will be created. Than you see also the code for selecting value from a table. I added this also, as I have seen question regarding this in the forums.

*The Form object: *
First we create the Form in Tr. SFP.

+The Interface:

+Create an interface. I named: Z_WD_SDN_DDLB. Create it as ‘Abap-Dictionary based interface’.
Add one parameter: SIMPLE_DDLB TYPE STRING.
Activate the interface.

+The Form:

+Create a From. I named it also: Z_WD_SDN_DDLB. As Interface choose the one created above.

On the properties tab: Choose ZCI Layout. -> See Figure 1.

Figure 1.

On the Context tab: Map the attribute Simple DDLB from the Interface to the Context of the form. /* You can use Drag and Drop */

On the layout tab: From the Library Drag and Drop an element: Enumerated Drop-Down list on your form.
You can create the Data Binding to your Context Attribute SIMPLE_DDLB also via Drag and Droping the Data element on your previously created layout element. Do not update any related properties.
Select your Enumerated Drop-Down list and choose the Binding tab from the Object palette. Click on specify item value, and replace the string: ‘REPLACE_THIS’ with the name of your context attribute. / SIMPLE_DDLB / See screen-shot below – Figure 2. This is a quite illogical part IMHO, but it is absolutely neccessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

Figure 2.

Activate your Form!

*The application: *
Create a Webdynpro component int Tr. SE80. I named it ZDDLB. I kept the default values for the name of the main window and view.

Navigate to your view and create an InteractiveForm element, under your ROOTELEMENTCONTAINER. In the property: templateSource, enter the form name you created. The dataSource will be mapped automaticaly. – Figure 3. /* The corresponding view context nodes are created from the form interface context */


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  1. Peter Inotai
    Hi Dezso,

    Thanks for this nice weblog.

    Can you have a look on the source codes above as the formatting looks strange, which makes them difficult to read?


        1. Dezso Pap Post author
          Hello Antony,

          Actually I do not have this sample anymore. I tried the code in this weblog in my other example and a DDLB with the flight companyies is displayed.

          Can you please tell me what problem you have?

          Best regards,

          1. Thanks Dezso, May be i shall continue this in the forum.

            Hope it is fine. ๐Ÿ™‚
            Thanks and Regards,
            – anto.

            1. When tried with SFP-> Context creation-> assigning form to WDA component, i dont get the dropdown in my form. It is appearing with out a drop down arrow. I tried changing the cardinality, buut no help.

              Then I tried by directly creating the interface (xml schema) through WDA in se80 -> not getting populated.

              Any idea on this… my configurations -> ECC 6.0, EP7.0, SP12 .

              Do try it at your end.. am not able to get this. I tried the same through a report programme, had then i populated through scripting (dynamically fetching fromt he node)..

              Did the same as specified in the blog, nothing happens..

              Expecting a quick reply. Thanks in advance,
              – anto.

  2. Hi Dezso,
       This is a nice blog but i just have one doubt.I am a begginer to abap and interactive forms as well.Will the code specified by u in procedure 2 works fine for a node which i have created in webdynpro context,whose cardinality is of type 0:n? Because i doubt( not sure ) tat set_attribute_value_set method works fine only for a node whose cardinality is 1:1.Can u clear this doubt.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Former Member
    Good Blog. But, I have a problem in specify item values step.
    “Specify Item Values” is disabled. Due to this I cannot see the dynamic binding window. Hence I don’t see any values in the drop down on the form.

    I have tried Adobe Live Cycle 8.0, 7.1 and 7.0. I have the same problem for all three.
    Click on specify item value, and replace the string: ‘REPLACE_THIS’ with the name of your context attribute

  4. Former Member

    I have to fill the DDL available in my offline adobe interactive form based on the value entered in 2 other fields by user and values should be fetched from a database table. I am using webservice for interaction with backend.
    Can you please help me with this.

    Thank you.


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