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With SP12, its now possible to display the Technical data of the Adpater Engine.  From the RWB, goto Component Monitoring and select Adapter Engine. From the display click on Engine Status.  Another window is launched that displays the Technical details of the Adapter Engine. There is a wealth of useful information here, categorized in different tabs.  Here are the list of the tabs:imageThe first tab, Backlog, displays the overview of the selected Adapter Engine in the CPA Cache, separated by Sender and Receiver services. The number of messages currently still in procesing is displayed in detail for service. One thing to remember is that the information provided is not node specific, so it represents data across all nodes.image The data displayed here can also be made available in SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) tool. To enable this, select on a particular service (sender or receiver)and click on Monitor button. By clicking on Do Not Monitor button, the data is stopped from sending to NWA. For performance reasons, select only the services that you want to monitor.  The Messaging tab displays the number of messages in each status since the last start of the Adapter Engine. You can display the data according to the mode and direction of message processing. The system displays an overview as well as a detailed view for each connection, showing the message status, number, and size, and the last status change.  The Queues tab displays the information about the individual queues in each adapter.  The Message Store tab displays how many messages are currently in processing. A differentiation is made between synchronous processing (Messages in Memory Cache) and asynchronous processing (Messages in Memory Store).  The other interesting tab that I found was Database Locks Tab. Here a list of database locks are displayed by time of creation and the user thats locking. There is a button to delete the lock entry.  The Technical settings tab displays the number of threads for parallel message processing for each queue type and connection.
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    we can assign meesage to different in adapter engine or we do have option to pirotize the message processing in adapter.



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