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1. WSIL stands for

a) Web Service Interface Language

b) Web Service Interface Log

c) Web Service Inspection Language

d) Web Service Inspection Log

2. URL will lead you to –

a) List of Services in ES Workplace

b) Metadata information of the ES Workplace

c) Quick steps to consume Web Services

d) Enterprise Service documentation guide

3. This is a partial snapshot of which IDE


a) Mobile Application Studio

b) NetWeaver Developer Studio

c) Visual Studio .Net

d) Visual Composer

4. Which one of the following is not a step to be done to see the iView in the Portal?

 a) Compile

b) Interpret

c) Run

d) Deploy

5. ES Workplace is a full-fledged SAP IDES system with all the data that an IDES system provides.

a) True

b) False

All the questions in this episode have been taken from the article How to Consume ES Workplace Enterprise Services in Visual Composer.


1- c

2- b

3- d

4- b

5- a

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