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How to consume an Enterprise Service from the ES Workplace in Web Dynpro – Part II: Sample Code for Download

You may have seen my previous blog on enterprise service consumption in Web Dynpro  () . It features a step-by-step demo of SAP NetWeaver CE  ( and ES Workplace  ( . Here is the shortcut for all those who are anxious to see this demo running on their own PC or laptop: the sample code for download.  


Download and install the sneak preview of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 SP1 from the SDN download area  (

The “Java EE only” version is sufficient (it has already Web Dynpro in it).The full-blown version is fine as well. No guarantee for other versions.0.1.

Apply for free access to the ES Workplace system landscape on the related registration page  ( on SDN.

System HU2 is used as SAP ERP 2005 for the demo. You need a user to access and execute the enterprise service in this system. At the moment, only customers, partners and employees of SAP are eligible to request an account. Those of you who are neither one of these: you will not be able to access and execute the enterprise service in system HU2, but I hope that this little sample still provides some useful insights for you.h5. Steps to test-drive the application in your environment


*Download the sample code from



There is a Readme.pdf in the downloaded archive that replicates the information of this blog. This way you can run through the steps also “offline”.0.1.


Import the sample code to your SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

(You can skip the following details, if you already know how to do this.) 1. Unzip the downloaded archive.


Move or copy the resulting directory ConsumeESOAPurchaseOrderDemo to your workspace directory, e.g. C:Documents and SettingsmyWindowsUserNameworkspace.0.1.

In your SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio navigate to File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace.0.1. Select your workspace directory as root directory.


Select the new project ConsumeESOAPurchaseOrderDemo and click on Finish0.1.

Open the Web Dynpro perspective from the menu Window -> Open Perspective -> Web Dynpro.0.1.

A project with name ConsumeESOAPurchaseOrderDemo has been created and can be edited in the Web Dynpro Explorer view.0.1.


Repair and rebuild the project, create the archive and deploy it to your SAP NetWeaver CE server.

(Again, you can skip the following details, if you already know how to do this.) 1.

Right-click on the project name in the Web Dynpro Explorer and from the context menu choose Repair –> Project Structure and Classpath > Yes in pop-up ‘Confirm Repair of Project(s)’> OK in pop-up +’Repair Results’ +–> all errors should be gone in the Problems view0.1.

Right-click on the project name in the Web Dynpro Explorer and choose Rebuild Project.0.1.

Right-click on the project name in the Web Dynpro Explorer and choose Create Archive.0.1.

Right-click on the project name in the Web Dynpro Explorer and choose Deploy.0.1.


Configure Web Service Destinations on your SAP NetWeaver CE Server.

(Don’t even think about skipping the details….) 1.

Open the SAP NetWeaver Administrator on http://<your host>:<your port>/nwa.0.1.

Go to SOA Management -> Technical Configuration0.1.

Configure the settings for your http proxy in System Global Settings:

!|height=222|alt=System Global Settings|width=353|src=|border=1!</body>

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Helpful Blog


      Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch
      Richard Hirsch

      This was a good blog because it provided details for the use of ES Workplace with "real" parameters - except password of course.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Rudolf,

      This was a very useful Blog.

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Swapnil Kulkarni
      Swapnil Kulkarni
      Hi Rudolf,
      I am using CE 7.3 trial from SDN, but i am unable to do the settings mentioned in your blog regarding Web services (global proxy settings). Actually at the path mentioned i.e. Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> Web Services Configuration there is no such "Web Services" tile on the page. The last one is the Trusted Systems.
      Please help.
      Thanking in anticipation,
      Author's profile photo Rudolf Held
      Rudolf Held
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Swapnil,

      thanks for pointing that out. The path has changed with support package 3. You will find the configurations in:
      SOA Management -> Technical Configuration -> System Global Settings
      SOA Management -> Technical Configuration -> Destination Template Management

      I have updated the blog accordingly.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Swapnil Kulkarni
      Swapnil Kulkarni
      Thanks a lot, Rudolf.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Dear Rudi
      I am following the steps as you said, but dont know why I am getting Null Pointer Exception and after some seconds the Null pointer Exception window goes off and blank page is visible.

      In NWA > SOA Management > System Global Settings > I am putting my Company Proxy and the port.
      In the exclude list I put *.sap.corp;localhost;*;;
      and also tried by keeping this field empty but no answer is coming.
      Please help me out

      Thanks & regards
      Vivek Kumar

      Author's profile photo Swapna Priya Neemkar
      Swapna Priya Neemkar

      Could you find any answer or solution for the Null Pointer exception?

      Even I am receiving the same error. Trying to resolve by looking at code however, things seem to be find coding wise.

      Any help would be great.

      Thanks in advance.

      Swapna Priya.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Rudolf, everyone,

      I am trying this example on CE7.1 SR5 [trial] & using NWDS 7.1 CE SP7

      I have configured the proxy and webservice destinations as said in the weblog accordingly.

      But, i still get this error:
      Exception on execution of web service on destination ESOA_PO_EXECUTION_DEST for operation PurchaseOrderByIDQueryResponse_In in interface {}PurchaseOrderByIDQueryResponse_In

      Any idea why is this exception occuring.

      I see this in the WebServices Log Viewer:

      TimeStamp:::: 6/3/09 3:29:22 PM IST
      WSRole:::: CONSUMER
      Interface:::: 60d0fc57:121a4805dfe:-7fff_{}PurchaseOrderByIDQueryResponse_In

      Thanks in advance,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Krishna

      I had the same problem.
      Did you resolve it?



      Author's profile photo Klaus Billig
      Klaus Billig

      Hi Rudolf,

      I would like to execute the instructions given in your famous  blog 🙂 .

      Your blog is referenced from the book "Java Programming with SAP NetWeaver".

      However, I have a problem which you might be able to help me overcome:

      The link directs me only to the main page . I have no clue how to get to the registration page.

      Is this page no longer available or can you tell me where it was moved so that I can access it?

      Kind regards,