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Modelling Business Maps with SAP Solution Composer

When we plan an upgrade or implement a new Business Process it’s important know how the SAP Solution is used to support. In the “Netweaver World” there are many SAP Solutions to support the Business like simple ERP functions and specify types of solution like Audit Management (for Audits), CAD Desktop (CAD Integration with SAP ERP Bill of Materials to produce materials), Marketing Plans with mySAP CRM, … So, how we know the best SAP Solution to use?  In this propose, SAP developed the SAP Solution Composer, a web-based offline tool for modelling “Solutions Maps” oriented by Business Process, Technical Applications (SAP and non-SAP) and Employee-Roles.   SAP Solution Composer contains all existing Solution Maps of all SAP Solutions (over 400 business maps are delivered with version 2.10.x). This solution enables the identification of potential implementation/upgrade savings.  Upgrading SAP systems is possible analyze all Custom Features and compare which are then converted into Standard Process. Implemeting a new business process is possible analyze when is necessary create a custom development.

1. Installing SAP Solution Composer

You can get the SAP Solution Composer in
Start the installation program: Install Shield Executable This installation is easy, you can follow all program installation instructions.
Steps to Install When the program is installed, run the Solution Composer program. 

2. Using Solution Composer

2.1 Business Map
The term “Business Map” refers to the entire contents Business Process and all graphical elements.   In the design Business Map phase is important know how Business Process are modelled. The picture below shows a Business Map Structure: Business Map Structure Each Activity we can identify KPI’s, Process Objetives, Products Used (SAP and non-SAP), Employee Roles, Classification, Process Ower, …

2.2 Using Solution Composer
On the first screen, is possible select one or more existing SAP Business Maps. If you want an specific Business Map, you can download newest versions on official SAP Solution Composer site.  Select one or more Standard Business Maps This example show an Value Added Chain with all your business scenario and the standard activities used to realize one process. Example: A VAC with your scenario with your process and activities

2.3 Creating a new Business Map
Start with an existing Business Map (like a standard  process used in a mySAP Customer Relationship Management). Using a CRM template Business Map I my example, I will use only the Service Process to model my Business Area. So, I will delete all Process unused.  Just click in Edit Flag. The Solution Composer shows this message: Message Box... Just Click in OK!! Just click in OK. This means you generate a new-copied Business Map (like a ABAP Z-COPY-PROGRAMS = ) )  The workspace shows an copy symbol of your Original Business Map. Check it out: Copying an existing Business Map I will drop the Marketing and Sales Process Category. Just click with right-button and select Remove Process Category. Modelling an existing Business Map You can get any process supported in the Service Process Category and work with them.   This picture shows how it’s possible view the SAP Standard features in a Service Order Quotation Process. Avability Process

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      Former Member
      Amazing Issac.

      Great Job.
      It's going to be a god Web blog on SDN!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      It is quite a useful pointer.

      Further, it would be useful for readers to refer to the Solution Manager site:

      and download the virtual classroom session--its quite helpful

      Author's profile photo Hermano Claro
      Hermano Claro
      Hi Issac! Nice article, but I have some questions. This process map, it integrates with sap erp natively or we need to import/export with some transaction from it? Is this connected with workflow, if I understood correctly, workflow uses this map to generate events?

      Best Regards!

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Hermano!

      This Process Maps doesn't design an Reverse Bussiness Engeenier. You can design what you have or what you want in your Bussiness Enviroment.

      The Solution Composer doesn't has the workflow funcionality. To use this funcionality there are some options:

      1st) You can create workflows with ABAP Workbench. (Tradictional)

      2nd) You can design the Business Process in SAP Solution Manager and use the funcionality BPMon (Business Process Monitor)

      3rd) You can use the XI or PI (Process Interface, the new name of the SAP Solution), and create logs for each process control. These logs provides some info to undestand what is going on in your process.

      If some doubts don't hesitate.

      Kind Regards

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      Former Member
      But there is inconsistency between what Solution Composer-Solution Maps say and what is available in Business process repository. Like ERP process groups are not present in BPR in EC&O Business Map there are more Business Scenarios than what BPR has, same is tru with IS-Consumer Goods. I believe BPR and Solution Composer should be in Sync regarding the content.