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Enterprise Services Repository and Registry with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1

The upcoming release of the combined Enterprise Services Repository and Registry represents the next generation of SAP service enabling. SAP can now offer enterprise services based on a common meta-model for service definitions. The Enterprise Services Repository comprises the design time functionality, while the Services Registry manages the information required to run an enterprise service.

The Enterprise Services Repository:

  1. Facilitates the building of service interfaces Service interfaces form the basis of enterprise services.
  2. Supports SAP’s concept of business-driven process modeling
  3. Will be shipped with a pool of SAP-defined Global Data Types based on the Core Component Technical Specification (CCTS) This ensures that data types are aligned and can be reused.

The Services Registry:

  1. Makes known which enterprise services are available for consumption The Services Registry contains information about all services and service definitions in a SOA landscape, including references to the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file and to the locations of the callable service endpoints.
  2. Is compliant with Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration 3.0 (UDDI)
  3. Offers classification systems for SAP services that extend the UDDI standard, allowing services to be browsed by classification
  4. Offers a variety of search options, such as search by name and free-text search.

Shipment Options

The combination of Enterprise Services Repository and Registry also accommodates customers and partners who only need to work with a lean development environment. This is why SAP is offering different shipment options. The Enterprise Services Repository and Registry will be shipped with:

  1. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1 also includes the Integration Directory and the Integration Server. Shipment is planned for December this year.
  2. SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 offers full service provisioning capabilities, but without the full integration functionality of the Integration Directory and the Integration Server. Shipment is planned for November this year.

The Enterprise Services Repository and Registry presentation explains the new capabilities in greater detail. Furthermore, don’t miss upcoming events such as TechEd to learn more about the new functionality of the Enterprise Services Repository and Registry.

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  • We're embarking on some new developments using the Composite Application Framework (CAF). We would like to create a central repository for all our data types. We are currently using CAF Dictionary projects for this.

    In the future will there be a method for us to use the ESR data types in our CAF projects? That is, the attribute of say an Entity Service could be derived from an SAP GDT stored in the ESR.


  • Today is not possible define more than one methods in the same WSDL using configuration tools in Integratiom Builder, that is available using PI 7.1 in the next release ?
    • Hello Flavio,

      Yes, with PI 7.1 it will be possible to define Service Interfaces with multiple operations in the Enterprise Services Repository.