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Using the BI 7.x Add-On for SAP GUI 7.10 – Requirements

The new SAP Business Explorer (BEx) Suite of tools for SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 (formerly 2004s) is supported by BI 7.x Add-Ons to both the SAP GUI 6.40 and SAP GUI 7.10 versions. The supported Microsoft versions for each SAP GUI release are identified in this matrix from the SAP Service Marketplace, which also identifies some additional requirements:


For the complete page, see the page in the SAP Service Marketplace at:

The purpose of this blog is not only to make you all aware of where to find this information, but also to highlight two points:

1.) SAP NetWeaver Support Package Stack (SPS) 12 is required for support of Microsoft Vista and Office 2007. This is equivalent to SAP NetWeaver BI Support Package (SP) 13.

2.) Patch 1 for the BI 7.x Add-On for SAP GUI 7.10 is required for support of all of the listed Microsoft products, not just Vista. You can expect to have problems, particularly with BEx Analyzer and BEx Report Designer, if you have not applied the patch.

Patch 1 was released to customers yesterday, June 26, and is now available on the SAP Service Marketplace. You can find it at at the path:

>Support Packages and Patches

>>>SAP Frontend Components


>>>>>>>BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.10

>>>>>>>>>BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.10

  >>>>>>>>>>>Win 32

For those of you still also using the BEx 3.x tools, Microsoft Vista and Excel 2007 will be supported officially as of the next BW 3.5 front-end patch for the respective SAP GUI version. These patches should be available by the end of September 2007. See SAP Note 1040856 at for more information.

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  • Hi Kathleen,
       I could able to see only the 3.5 version and not 7.x for SAP GUI 7.10 at the link you have mentioned above. Could you please reconfirm again the availability?


    • Hi Arul,

      Once you get to:
      >Support Packages and Patches
      >>>SAP Frontend Components

      You should see both a "BI 7.0" and a "BW 3.5" option.

      You can also try the alternative path:
      >Support Packages and Patches
      >>>SAP Frontend Components
      >>>>>>>SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 7.10 CORE

      ... where you should also find links to patches for both 3.5 and 7.0.

      Sometimes it takes a while for the updates to get replicated to all the servers, but as this was release on Tuesday, I would expect this to be done by now. If you still cannot find the patch, you may need to contact Support.


  • Is there any support of openoffice ?
    Didn't find any information on this topic.

    I ask this, because openoffice seems to be an alternative office solution for the companies to lower it costs.