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SCN a platform?

With all of the hype about Facebook and it’s API and now that LinkedIn will be delivering an API as well in the next several months I’ve been pinged a few times to find out what SDN/BPX is doing to provide an API?

I gotta saw I’m stumped. So I wanted to open it up to our community to tell us what they “think” we could provide to them for interaction in their own apps?

Before you tell me though, let me just let you know what we are hoping to have live in the next several months:

  • RSS/Atom feed of Top Contributors Report
  • RSS/Atom feed of Top Companies Report
  • RSS/Atom feed of your own contributions

Now those we have on our wish list and we hope they can make it into the line up this year.

Here’s what we already have:

  • RSS Feeds for all blog topics
  • RSS Feeds for all forum categories, forums, threads and users
  • RSS Feeds for all homepages
  • RSS feed of all new downloads
  • RSS feeds for each blogger
  • RSS feeds for Wiki content

Granted not a “true API” but all that is already available publically. Now what we don’t have an it’s not on the wish list because there are multiple work arounds is of course “interaction” with our search. But again there are several FireFox plugins and other plugins already there and available.

So what is it you are wanting or would like to have?


Link to The Ponderings of Woodrow: Facebook: Now that’s a platform…

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  • I'll be creating a widget that will display my open questions with a way to show the number of responses, views and when a new response has been added.

    Ken Murray

  • Hi Craig,

    I would suggest a simple REST API build in "rails style". So for example would give me everything in html and gives me a feed (check out stikkit's api. It is beautiful and easy to use -> Furthermore I would like to be able to get more than the last ten(?) posts + the contents of a weblog as xml (maybe the possibilities for queries...). I met Matt Harding in Melbourne during the SDN day. He asked Mark Finnern for a more mobile friendly version of the blog section. I started working on something and will show you the results soon but it will definitely be limited because of the mentioned conditions.

    cheers Thomas

  • Would love to have an API to manage specified user profile and to crawl all contributions by a specified user. WS or REST, doesn't really matter.
  • As I type code ,I press a shortcut key and I get a small window that shows extracts of content from SDN relevant to the context (maybe a keyword or a data element). Too radical?