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I am the robot

In the past  I’ve shared my bag of tools with you. They were mostly web development related.  Recently I discovered something ALV related: ALVrobot  ( by Gabriel Jenik. This  code generator enables ABAP programmers to create ALV code without actually  typing it in. It’s a kind of wizard which guides you through 7 steps. The  result is ABAP code, which you can alter or add functionality to. Here’s a quick  demo.         First you need to provide some general info   image   Then we provide the tables that are needed for this report. You can supply multiple tables, define the joins and the join conditions, but I stick to the well known SFLIGHT table   image   Next we provide the fields for the selection screen. It needs to be done for each table   image   The following step is to set the properties of the selection fields. I want the default value for carrier id to be Lufthansa   image   Now we need to define which fields we want to see in the report   image   The next step is to set the properties of the report fields. You can set the column position, sorting, aggregate function, etc. I’ve only changed the sorting of the fields carrid and connid   image   Finally, we set the style of the report. I like zebras (alternating colour for each row) and a row selection button at the left of the report   image
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  • Hi Eddy:

    I was aware of that tool -:) Gabriel post about it in the Spanish ABAP Forums... -:P

    It's really a great tool, that needs to be promoted, so thanks for helping him with this blog -;)



  • Evn i was aware of this tool . But this tool generates only simple ALV's.Doesn't support Hier. ALV's and complex ones. But its a great help to generate ALV reports quicky.
  • Hi
    I knew this tool. Its really good but at simple level and also based on REUSE ALV. If any thing can be done similar thru OOPs ALV will be a great help.