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My ten favourite Enterprise 2.0 applications

Collaborating to provide real life Enterprise 2.0 application examples, I selected my ten favourite e2apps. Retail, Invoice, CRM, Project Management, Time Tracking, Workflow and BPM. A kind of mashup of this type of applications can be the future of ERP. Barracuda SuiteDashboard, Catalog, Inventory, Orders, Promotions and Customers in a integrated solution to manage retail business. Fresh BooksManage invoices, Track time (for you and your staff), Accept payment and reports.  Side job trackJob tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management solution. You can even create completely customized estimate and invoice templates.  HeapCRM application including messaging, calendars, contacts and reports. Relenta CRMShare your emails, contacts, and activities in one central place WhoDoesDesigned to assist you in planning projects, you can manage your activities and share information with your team.  SantexQTime and task management, progress reports, deadlines and time budgets for your projects.  timeXchange.netManage time reporting process. Export reports to HR and accounting business applications.  ApprovrWorkflow Manager to manage proofing and approval of documents. SkemmaOn demand BPM software product, to automate communications between internal areas, clients, vendors and existing systems.  
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  • Impressive list Ignacio.  It would be interesting to hear your opinions of how these technologies support the work of business process professionals (and I believe they might or do).
    • Yes Marilyn, definitively these tools MUST support business process, to me that is a requirement to have the "Enterprise" 2.0 tag. Business process created, used and owned by professionals of any type. The "new" focus ( "2.0" ) is the way, I see these kind of applications growing and making each one of them an specific and near to amotic approach to business process, using up level mashup of this we can mold new business process with new design concepts. Objective is the same, we need cars to go from one place to other, but you can use today a Ford T or enjoying a new modern car. I am looking for a new erp and enterprise applications design.
  • Ignacio,

    Your conclusions about the integration of enterprise 2.0 applications and the enterprise is spot on. It is our belief that certain "point processes" are better delivered by the enterprise 2.0 model and as businesses get more comfortable with the issue, more and more vendors like us will find their place. If you have any questions about our direction as it relates, please do not hesitate to contact me at joep [at] actustech [dot] com.

    Joe Piekarz

    • Joe, I think we are in a new start point, Keep the good job, making effort we can create new business opportunities. Regards, Ignacio.