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A robust design of open sales order data flow

This blog talks about an old design of open orders. This is a flow developed by ABAP consultants, who were the pioneers in BW. The design was done in 2.0b and upgraded to 3.1 and later upgraded to 2004s. The model gives various reports which really help in data mining. So this Blog is talking about an antique design when the BI content was not popular or used.


1. Unconfirmed Qty/Value: This Key figure represents the sales orders which are not confirmed. The arithmetic expression: Unconfirmed Qty = Order Qty – Confirmed Qty. Based on the calculated unconfirmed quantity, the value is calculated by multiplying unconfirmed quantity with the net price from the sales order.

2. Open Order Qty/Value: This Key figure represents the sales order which are confirmed, but not delivered. Stock order transfers where delivery is not created, based on purchase orders are also treated as open orders.

3. Open Delivery Qty/Value: This Key figure represents the sales orders for which delivery is created, but not good issued.

4. Open GI Qty/Value: This key figure represents the deliveries which are not goods issued. The goods movement status is used to determine the quantity which is not good issued.

5. Open Billing Qty/Value: This key figure represents the sales orders or the deliveries, which are not billed.

Data sources:

1: Unconfirmed Open order quantity: 2LIS_11_V_SCL can give order quantity, confirmed quantity, which can be used to calculate unconfirmed quantity.

2:  Open Order quantity/value: 2LIS_11_V_SCL also gives open order quantity and open order value. Apart from the sales orders, 2LIS_02_SCL will give the purchase orders based on stock order transfer.

3: Open delivery quantity/value: 2LIS_12_VCSCL gives the delivery quantity.

4: Open GI quantity/value: 2LIS_12_VCSCL also gives the goods movement status, which can be used to calculate the open goods issue quantity from the delivery quantity.

5: Open Billing quantity/value: 2LIS_13_VDITM will give the billing quantity and the value. The document can be eliminated from the order book based on the billing status.


DS 1: 2LIS_11_V_SCL
DS 2: 2LIS_02_SCL

Start Routines:

According to the status of sales order, this model uses start routines to eliminate the records from each flow.

Unconfirmed Order: Here the elimination is based on the Unconfirmed Qty LE 0. (LE = less than or equal to)
Open Order: Eliminated, if the orders with Open Order qty LE 0.
Open Delivery: Eliminated, if goods movement is completed or invoice (Billing) for the delivery is created.
Open Goods Issue: Eliminated, if the billing is done for the delivery.
Open billing Quantity: Eliminated, if the document is released for accounting.

In the Unconfirmed and Open Orders, we can also check the overall status (VBUK entry) of the sales order to eliminate them.


1: There can be many differences according to the organization in determining the open order logic. The orders which are in delivery block may or may not be considered as open order according to the business logic of the organization.

2: There can be order relevant billing or delivery relevant billing. 2LIS_11_V_SCL will give the open order quantity and value based on delivery relevant billing. The rest (order relevant billing) is managed in start routine. The open order qty = invoiced value * order qty / order value. Open order value = Open order value – invoice value.

3: If there is a schedule line block on any sales order item, 2LIS_11_V_SCL will not give the open order quantity. This is SAP R/3 standard. (SAP Note Number 717627 – Sent quantity disappears when you set a delivery block).This is also managed in start routine by checking the delivery block, open orders = confirmed qty – delivered qty.

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  • Is this model support delta? For example if the order is fully delivered the start routine for the open order will delete all the delta entries generated by the datasource for that Order, So the order will remain open in BW.

    Am I Correct?

    Apart from delta this model looks great and most of the open order reporting I have done are similar to this. It's a great blog for the beginners to refer.


    • If the Order is fully delivered, the open order quantity will be zero.  The start routine eliminates all the orders with zero open order quantity.

      Happy Tony