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Welcome to our 150,000th member

This week, we surpassed the 150,000 member mark  with the Business Process Expert (BPX) Community in just over a year. For SAP and all of us this is a tremendous milestone with an incredible momentum that continues to build. I am very proud to say welcome to our 150,000th member Sandeepkumar(Sandy) Agarwal. The cool thing is that Sandy was already an SDN member and updated his profile by simply checking the BPX flag.image A little bit about our newest member: Sandeep Kumar Agarwal (Sandy) is 31 years old and lives in Bangalore, India. He told us he is married, has two beautiful daughters and works for for MindTree Consulting LTD,  MindTree is one of Bangalore’s based IT and R&D Services Companies. He currently is a SAP consultant and provides solutions for business critical information by using SAP NetWeaver tools and technology.   The cool thing about the picture he sent to us is that it was taken on one of the canal boats in Amsterdam (without my knowledge, although most of you know I am Dutch !)

In his own words “He believes that as the industry needs are growing rapidly, he wants to ensure to keep MindTree ahead in completion of projects and provide best services and products and uses the Community Network, especially BPX to help him. He thinks it’s very important to every enterprise to run a company by following standard business processes. Also, it’s equally important to SAP consultants to have maximum vertical knowledge to suggest best solutions to the potential customers. In that way, BPX community helps him and MindTree a lot, its central repository where any consultant  (member) can visit and read the industry proven business processes and apply them solutions being implemented and proposed.”

Why I think we are growing so fast

When we launched SDN during 2003. By the end of 2004, its first full year of existence, SDN was just over 100,000 people. We leveraged our expertise in building out the SDN community as an accelerator for the BPX community. Today we are growing faster than the SDN community in its early days, making BPX perhaps the fastest-growing community of its type (target audience being process management professionals, core topics, etc.) in the world. We do recognize that we have an advantage that members (around 12% to our estimations) of the SDN community consider themselves as up and coming BPXers, however so far only 1% have converted themselves. I highly recommend to those of you reading my blog to update your profile to keep yourself in the loop around our progress.  The second reason is the fast rising notion of the possible power of eSOA and the BPP platform approach. In order to support that transformation, skill sets need to change and our community caters toward that new paradigm.  We also have found that we are the only community of its kind and there is a huge need in the consultancy and value engineering, business analyst, business consultant world for a platform to discuss best and next practices, tips and tricks and to network to take advantage of this new business transformation wave.  I would love to hear why you are thinking why we are growing so fast.

Similar to SDN, BPX prides itself for its diversity — we aren’t limited to just a few geographic regions, industries, company sizes, or individual job titles — and that gives us lots of room to continue growing. Thousands of people join BPX each week from all over the world and from dozens of industries. With new BPX industry topic areas continually being opened and explored, thousands more business process professionals will find their niche in our network.  If we look at the audience composition by industry only we can see the followingimage

   Now some of this data makes sense. For instance we already have solid industry areas for Education, Defense, and SDNers, converted to also be a BPXer are in the high tech industry. Now what is interesting is that we have not launched several industry areas for BPX yet, but planning to during the course of the year and it is good to see we have good growing member numbers in all industries.  I encourage and invite you to start creating wki areas,  request creation of new forum areas and share your specific industry knowledge in blogs and articles.  The key is to don’t just become a number, but you become part of a thriving community of extraordinary experts.

Help us to keep our community to grow and transform

Even with the fast pace we have seen in last year, we are far from where we want to be. Our content areas are not as deep as we would like them to be and we need lots of best and next practices and your help to evangelize our community to others. Really let them become evangelizers themselves. I would like to ask you if you could:

•  Ask all of the business analysts, application consultants, and solution architects you know if they are members of the new Business Process Expert (BPX) community? Please tell them about BPX and encourage them to join us and get 20 points for each referal.

•  Have you updated your SDN business card to include BPX community membership and a subscription to the bi-weekly newsletter? Are your current skills and professional experience reflected there? Get more out of your membership and contributions: please update update your business card today.

•  Have you recently contributed to BPX by submitting an article, joining a forum discussion, or writing a blog? Don’t just consume: contribute… even if it’s just to comment on someone else’s work with words of encouragement and appreciation. Dive into the community and share your expertise with others.

Thanks , on behalf of our community on being one of 150,000 “early BPX members ” If you want to learn more, meet the team, please join us at the Community Day during our stops at TechEd 07.

Kind regards,


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