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Usability Testing for SDN and the BPX Community

Since its inception in 2003, the SAP Developer Network (SDN) has continued to evolve. The look and feel have changed — hopefully, for the better. The navigation split between SDN and Business Process Expert (BPX) Community represents one of the more current major transformation. Now, when you visit either SDN or BPX Community, you’ll see a cleaner, more streamlined page. You’ll also see targeted content.


The new BPX Community has become its own site, separate from SDN. The navigation split, as seen here, reflects the different areas available to each community.


Features like the Library Index and RSS Blog feeds enable you to find information more readily.

image   image

We want to hear your thoughts on the changes. So please consider the following questions in terms of usability and tell us what you think:

• Do the pages look and feel “clean”? Or do the pages look cluttered?
• Do you find pertinent information easily?
• Do you find area homepages or topic pages easily? For example, can you find Business Intelligence on SDN, or Industrial Machinery & Components on the BPX Community quickly and easily?
• Have you ever used the search option? If so, was it successful?
• When you come to SDN or the BPX Community, what do you look for? What do you expect to find?

Usability is a core concern for our community, and therefore, a top priority for us.

Gear up for TechEd ‘07 in Las Vegas, October 1 – 5, where we will conduct live usability testing  to better structure the site. Get involved and respond today!

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  • Hi,

    I like the look and feel of SDN, though the page doesnt fit into the frame at times

    But i still feel the wiki is not userfiredly.I rarely go to wiki, unless i get a direct link to the material i require.

    The search is good and i mostly get the materials from it and the homepages. I usually find some of the materials in e-learning pages inaccessible.

    Please have a relook on most of them.

    - anto.

    • What specifically about the wiki is the problem?  Is it hard to navigate? Is the search not specific enought to your query?  Or in general the whole things seems "off"?

      As a side note, do you know where to go and who to notify if you do find an inaccessible resource? This is a great example of good usability, being able to immediatly access help when and where you need it.

      Thank you for your input,