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SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI: Data Transfer Process with “Get Data by Request”

This blog describes the Data Transfer Process (DTP) feature “get Data by Request” based on a Scenario and in a Step by Step format.


3 Requests are transferred into the InfoCube by using the Source Requests to determine the size for the DTP request. This is necessary, for example, if the dataset in the source is too large to be transferred to the target in a single request.


It is recommended to configure the DTP with upload mode “Delta”. The deletion of the PSA data is necessary before each data load, if a “Full” DTP is used. A Full DTP extracts all Requests from the PSA regardless if the data has been already loaded or not. This means the Delta upload via a DTP from the DataSource (PSA) in the InfoCube is necessary, even if the data is loaded via a Full upload from the Source to the DataSource (PSA) by using an InfoPackage.
The following notes are important: 0001005568 70SP12: ‘Only Get Delta Once’ deactivated 0001061316 70SP15: Data automatically retrieved by request Additional information can be found in the documentation.


  1. &#147Delta InfoPackage”

    image Picture 1

  2. &#147DTP definition” – The “Get Data by Request” flag is set

    image Picture 2

  3. &#147Process Chain”

    image Picture 3

  4. &#147Dataflow”

    image Picture 4

Step by Step:

  1. Loading 3 Requests into the PSA via Delta upload. In this case I started 3 times the same InfoPackage. Each upload Request consists of one record. The contents of the PSA after these 3 loads looks like:

    image Picture 5

  2. Execute the Process Chain to load the data from the Flat File into the InfoCube. The InfoPackage will extract the data from the Flat File into the PSA and the DTP will extract the PSA data (see Step 1) into the InfoCube.
    Status PSA after the execution of the process chain (data load):

    image Picture 6

Result: Currently the DTP loads one (the oldest) Source Request into the InfoCube. This is called “Backlog”. Please check note 1061316 for further details. The current workaround is to load the backlog data via a Normal “DTP”. Contents of InfoCube after the data load: image Picture 7

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