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SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI: Data Transfer Process (DTP) / The “Normal DTP” …

This blog describes the “Normal DTP” functionality based on a Scenario and in a Step by Step format. Scenario:

3 Requests are transferred from a Flat File to the DataSource/ PSA and then to an InfoCube. The Data Transfer Process (DTP) should transfers all the new data from the PSA into the InfoCube via one DTP request.


It is recommended to configured the DTP with upload mode “Delta”. The deletion of the PSA data is necessary before each data load, if a “Full” DTP is used. A Full DTP extracts all Requests from the PSA regardless if the data has been already loaded or not. This means the Delta upload via a DTP from the DataSource (PSA) in the InfoCube is necessary, even if the data is loaded via a Full upload from the Source to the DataSource (PSA) by using an InfoPackage. Additional information can be found in the The specified item was not found..


  1. &#147Delta InfoPackage”

    image Picture 1

  2. &#147DTP definition”

    image Picture 2

  3. &#147Process Chain”

    image Picture 3

  4. &#147Dataflow”

    image Picture 4

Step by Step:

  1. Loading 3 Requests into the PSA via Delta upload. In this case I started 3 times the same InfoPackage. Each upload Request consists of one record. The contents of the PSA after these 3 loads looks like: image Picture 5
  2. Execute the Process Chain to load the data from the Flat File into the InfoCube. The DTP will extract the data from the Flat File (1 Request) and the existing PSA data (3 Requests) into the InfoCube. Contents of PSA after the execution of the process chain (data load): image Picture 6

Result: The data has been transferred to the InfoProvider and the DTP merged the Source Requests (1-4) from the PSA into one single Request. Contents of InfoCube after the data load: image Picture 7

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  • How the subsequent load from PSA will be transferred into InfoCube...? If my understanding is correct, since we have set 'Delta' as extraction mode we do not have to delete the PSA loads. In this case if the PSA is loaded with 5th load, only 5th load will be transferred to InfoCube. Is this correct...?  Moreover, if we have selections in the Filter, the Second DTP process will pick records only from 5th load of the PSA which satisfies selection criteria...Is this correct...?
    • This is correct.
      The second part about the selection.
      The system reads all 5 request and filters the correct record. If the records are only in 5th request, just this records are processed.
      I hope this helps, Michael
      • Hi,
           Thanks for your quicker response. Now I need to know the significance of Radio Buttons: Active Table(With Archive), Active Table(Without Archive), Archive(Full Extraction Only), Change Log. Could you please explain those with DSO to DSO scenario? Ofcourse with Selections. Thank you once mail id is
        • Hi,

          everyone is talking about extraction mode options (Radio Buttons: Active Table(With Archive), Active Table(Without Archive), Archive(Full Extraction Only), Change Log) but I am not able to find it at DTP. Am I missing something?

          Kind regards.

  • Hi

    I am trying to create a delta DTP for 0CUST_COMPC_ATTR  data source but it throws a message that:

    Cannot update DataSource 0CUST_COMPC_ATTR              CL1 to a DataStore object
    Message no. RSM1113

    You want to update DataSource 0CUST_COMPC_ATTR              CL1 with delta process E in update mode  to an DataStore object.

    Update mode 'Construct Opening Status' is usually not permitted for updating a DataStore object. With the update modes 'Initialization of the Delta Process', and 'Delta Update', whether an update to a DataStore object update is permitted depends on the delta process,.

    Choose the full update update mode or deactivate all DataStore objects as targets for the update.

    Appreciate any help..