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October 1 – Las Vegas – RedMonk Track at Community Day

I just did it, I got off my butt and added a session – that’s right I’m actually planning to do some “dev” and a bit of “idea” sharing. I went into the Wiki and I added my session idea – so can everyone else – cool huh? The session I am planning is around the web app, Twitter, many of us who already use it can relate to this. So the session will be the actual “dirty” building of a BSP application for Twitter as well as a simple REST method to interact with the “public” Twitter timeline and the Twitter API.

  • BSP: Read my friends timeline (like Web client)
  • BSP: Send twitter
  • Public Timeline: send a request for NetWeaver response
  • Public Timeline: send response from NetWeaver as “direct message

Consider it more a basis for expansion around integrating 3rd party web applications in a NetWeaver environment.

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