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The SAP NetWeaver is a comprehensive technology platform. It provides different functionalities, from Application server, throughout Business intelligence and Portal to eXchange infrastructure. Depending on your business requirement, you can choose one or many of these functionalities to install. They are grouped in so-called usage types, like AS-Java for Java application server, EP for enterprise portal, PI/XI for process integration and exchange infrastructure.  Up to now, it was only possible to install a system with certain usage types along with the underlying Java application server. There is no way to install additional usage types onto an existing Java system. But this is often demanded. For instance, if you upgrade your system from the NetWeaver 04 release, the functionalities used in the source release will be upgraded. You can’t extend the upgraded system with additional functionalities that come with the new release. This is of course unsatisfactory.  The Support Package Stack 12 of NetWeaver 2004s which was released few days ago comes with a version of the Java Support Package Manager (JSPM), which provides the possibility of installing additional usage types to an existing Java system. It is able to verify the application dependencies and preprequisites for the usage types to be installed. We prepared a screencam demo, that demonstrates and explains the installation procedure using JSPM in great detail.
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  1. Former Member

    It was a great info for me since I have to add additinal usage type EP on to existing Nw04s. Can you please let me know, if you downloaded SPS 12 from Service market place or Maintanence optimizer?


    1. Actually you need both to download SP stacks. The service market place is the location where the packages reside. The maintenance optimizer is needed to determine the packages to be downloaded in order to update your system more properly.

      Does this answer your question?
      Yunong Zhang

      1. Former Member
        Need your advice please.

        This regarding Installation of PI as an additional UT.

        I have installed EP, DI, BI as JAVA Add-in (NW2004s) on existing SAP R/3 system. JSPM is SP12.

        Now, I would like to add PI to this system.  Is it possible through JSPM, if yes what is the proceedure I need to follow, are there any manual configuration to be done on R3 and SLD system.  The SAP Note 883948 says ‘you can install an SAP system with PI only from scratch. 

        Appreciate you response.

        Shaji Jacob

        1. As correctly pointed out in the note 883948, installing PI as an additional usage type is not supported. The reason is that PI requires different runtime conditions than other usage types. When installing PI with SAPinst from scratch, SAPinst makes some individual settings for PI which can’t be done by JSPM.

          Besides, with respect to the role of PI in a system landscape, it makes no sense to add PI to an existing BI system.

          Yunong Zhang

  2. Former Member

    We found this blog useful for deploying a new Usage Type, was wondering whether there are any options for undeploying a Usage Type (Other than using SDM to select a individual software component).

    In our scenario in the current enviroment BI JAVA will be part of the Central EP System, in the future BI JAVA will be part of a seperate BI Portal and we do not need BI JAVA on the Central Portal, at that point we would like to undeploy BI JAVA on the Central Portal.




    1. Hi,

      unfortunately it’s not possible to safely remove any installed software components from a system. The reason is that the most business applications persist data in the database. So how could one handle the remaining data by simply removing the related applications.

      That’s why removal of SCs is not supported. BTW, you can’t remove the applications using SDM either. The DB schemas will remain too.


  3. Former Member
    Is it possible to install the DI usage type on an existing NW04s SPS 13 Portal (EP + AS Java)?

    If yes, where can I get the rquired files?

    best regards

  4. Former Member
    Hello Yunong,
    thanks for this very nice screencam demo. I installed the demo system n4s VMWARE and tried to install additional usage type EP. Unfurtunally i did something wring the 1st time installing EP as New Software Component. Now i have deployed component EPC only and portal does not work. The JSPM does not show my any option to install EP now. it says “no deployable component found”.
    I put all the SCA’s and SPSTAB in EPS/in.
    so what’s wrong here ?
    any hints

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