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BPEL4People and BPEL podcast transcripts

* Updated blog – all transcripts are now available * There’s been a sudden trickle of questions coming in about BPEL4People which I thought we’d answered. Well at least according to the feedback about our ongoing podcast series on BPEL (including that elusive but not mythical beast BPEL4People) they’d been answered. But, it seems that podcasts are still too new-fangled for everyone. Fair enough – podcasts only came around several thousand years after the written word first hit papyrus. So Ivana and I decided to spend a couple of minutes, well hours, transcribing them into something you can read. And hey – in terms of the impact SOA standards make on plugging and replugging business software together quickly – every bit of transparency helps so it’s worth the effort. If you’re the reading is believing type of person, just revisit the old weblogs, and you can read all about it. Here’s the list of podcasts so far:

  1. BPEL in a Nutshell
  2. BPEL Glossary for Developers
  3. WS-BPEL 2.0 from OASIS – How it has progressed since BPEL 1.1
  4. BPEL4People White Paper Overview

We’ve added the transcripts to all the blogs so we’re completely up to date. Alan

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