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Web Services Reliable Messaging is now an OASIS Standard

Finally, the long awaited milestone on the path of Web services standardization has arrived  – the Web Services Reliable Messaging specifications, a critical technology enabling adoption of Web services in enterprise scenarios, have  reached the status of an OASIS Standard. While this Technical Committee (which I co-chaired) took longer than originally anticipated to finish this important piece of work, I am quite satisfied with the final outcome, which is functionally richer (than the input specifications), tested by multiple vendors through interoperability events, more stable in terms of its dependency on other specifications and in general carries much broader consensus.   I think many products will continue to support the input version (from 2005/02) of Web services reliable messaging specifications for some time, but soon we should start seeing new, commercial and open source implementations of the OASIS Standard version of this technology.   With the additional work carried under WS-I Reliable Secure Profile Working Group, it should become further simpler to combine Web services security and reliable messaging together in an interoperable manner.
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