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Three to get ready and four to go.

As stated  in my earlier web log, Robert Soloway, aka Spam King, was arrested on May 30th.  Despite this arrest, the spam is still flowing as if nothing had happened. This  doesn’t mean that I am going to cease my anti-spam efforts, which some might  refer to as useless. It can be compared to the global warming hype. Some might  say it’s a swindle ,  others say that the swindle is a scam or money can be  better spent on other things.  Whatever the opinion is, I see parallels between antis-spam and my  environmental efforts. While it is undeniably true that I won’t be able to stop  global warming on my own, even with my sun boiler and 20cm cellulose insulation  under the roof, but that doesn’t mean that we as individuals shouldn’t do  anything on both fronts. There is a saying in Flemish: ‘If everybody keeps the  footpath/sidewalk in front of their house clean, the street will be clean’. No  need to tackle the whole street if everybody does their own part.

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  • - To keep your sidewalks clean, ban chewing gum (ever been to New York City?  YUCK!!).
    - Fight global warming(and your power bill) by switching to flourescent bulbs like California.