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SDN/BPX meets Wikipedia

I am a new member of the SDN/BPX Solution Management Office.  The first thing I did in my new role, as a project & product manger, was to learn as much as I could about SDN/BPX. Naturally, I did what I always do when introduced to a new subject. I started researching it on the web.  As part of my online research – I looked up SDN in Wikipedia, and was stunned to find out, that there was no entry for the SAP Developer Network. I quickly edited the entry, adding a short description of what SDN has to offer, and linked it to our site. image  Later I added an article on the subject. image Once I did that, I went into the Hebrew version of Wikipedia, which is my native language, and entered a new entry there. image This is my first contribution to our community. I know it is a tiny one – but as they say “there are no small parts, only small actors” I invite you all to edit and add to these entries. In addition, I encourage everyone to add SDN to your native tongue Wikipedia explaining what SDN/BPX is to you!  Once I shared this with Gali, she added a wiki page with links to my Wikipedia entries.  Please add links to your native tongue SDN /BPX Wikipedia page there too! 
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  • Welcome Maya,
    I was tickled to see your approach and thanks for caring to "put us on the map" in multi-lingual format.  I got my hand slapped by the wikipedia community last year when I tried the same thing for BPX, back when it was launched, because it was viewed as marketing (with my SAP userid).  Great thing about communities that care about their content, they police themselves.  It would be interesting to see how folks outside our circle view us....and how jealously our community guards its good name.  We are lucky to have you on our team.
  • Maya,

    welcome to the community.

    Marilyn already mentioned it, and I just want to tell you to prepared to be asked by one or another Wikipedia user if you have been reading the Wikipedia entry about COI, Especially the first paragraph of the Examples section.

    Although I personally do not have a problem with SDN or BPX entries, a lot of people are very picky about COI issues and I do understand there concerns.

    Actually, if you adhere to further guidelines, e.g. to sure to write in a neutral tone and cite reliable, published sources... you might well stand the discussion, though I supppose you might not be able to avoid it.

    good luck here and there and kind regards,