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MSS – Creating a Customer-Specific Query iView

Recently one of my customers that has implemented the ESS/MSS business package wanted to create a customer specific query iView that would show data based on an infoset query in the backend. I searched through the SDN but didn’t find any material on this. Though the help portal has some help at, it didn’t give what I was looking for. So after I figured it out, I thought of writing this for the community. Steps to follow: Before you start creating the iView you should make sure that the infoset query is ready in the backend. After that follow these steps: 1) Create a new iView of type Web Dynpro Java application image 2) Select Create one iView from each application view image 3) Select Generic iView Table image 4) Fill the iView details 5) Select Next and Finish and select “Open the object for editing”. 6) In the Property Category Select “Show All”. 7) Fill the Query Name image 8) Fill the User Group image Save the iView. This creates the iView which now you can assign to any page.
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  • Hi Manish,

    I have read recently your SDN contribution about generic iview implementations. I really appreciated to get through your guide. Unfortunately I fencountered a real disappointing problem.
    Since I want to compose a page having different generic iview tables and the employee teamviewer on it all iview tables are displaying just data from one query even if every single iview has another source defined.
    For instance I have one page + employee teamviever + generic table with communication data (query 1) + generic tabel with organizational data (query 2).
    When I invoke the page both iview tables are displaying data from one single query and not particular as I defined.

    I would really appreciate if you can provide me any advice on that

    • Manish, Thanks for the steps, really helpful info in a single document.
      I followed the steps exactly as you have mentioned for Infotype 77, howver when I do a preview, the iview does not display any data, it is coming up empty..

      Thinking it might be something to do with the Infotype I selected, I create another generic iview for Infotype 8, still the same issue.

      R/3 configuation for queries look OK to me.

      Any thoughts?

      Regards, Sunil

    • Hi!
      I have the exact same problem! Two Generic Table iViews seem to use the same query regardless of which query I have entered in the iView properties.
      Also, a Generic List iView actually _using_ that praticular query just turns all white and empty.

      (I tested just to hide one of the iViews and no longer get the strange error. So visibility seem to matter...)
      If anyone has the solution or explanation, please let me know.
      Thanks! Brgds, Caroline