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The JavaPosse announced this week in Podcast episode #127 that the Java developer tool of the week is the SAP Memory Analyzer.

Now, why am I blogging about this? Of course, we, the Java developers who wrote it, are excited that people receive the tool so well. However, there is something more. The tool is an Eclipse RCP application and Tor is the Sun NetBeans Guy and as you all might know, NetBeans and Eclipse are two different platforms competing with each other. Torture for Tor? On purpose by Dick? 😉

If this comforts Tor, SAP has made the general decision for Eclipse a long, long time ago. Therefore we based our tool on Eclipse. The analysis core of the tool, however, is completely free of UI stuff or other nasty dependencies. Gregg Sporar, Mandy Chung, Tomas Hurka, Radim Kubacki and all the other guys from the NetBeans team we met at JavaOne this year liked the tool very much. So, who knows what could happen to this in the future. 😉
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  1. Oliver Kohl
    Hi Vedran,

    first of all congratulations. I’ve followed your blogs about the SAP Memory Analyzer but haven’t found the time to look into it. But now that it got honored by the Posse I will have to find it;)

    I’m listening to the Java Posse now for over 50 episodes or so and was always wondering why SAP wasn’t mentioned very much (or at all), even not when they released their JEE5 compliant app server. But maybe your tool is a good head start for them to look a little closer on SAP and what’s happening here.

    I saw your post on the Java Posse Google groups. Maybe we and everybody else reading this should take more care about posting SAP related informations to it. There aren’t many Java related podcasts out there and looks like The Java Posse is getting more and more listeners. Won’t hurt to get SAP mentioned there more often.

    Thanks a lot and best regards,


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