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    In one of my previous blogs, Using the Duet Client Support Tool, I showed you the first version of the Duet client     support tool. Now, there’s a new version out, and you can download it from here. This blog shows you the new capabilities     compared to the first version.    

Installing the tool

    The installation of the tool hasn’t changed, after you have downloaded it you need to     extract the .zip file and then run setup.exe from the PC or laptop on which your Duet     client is installed (or, on which you plan to install the Duet client).    

Using the tool

    Right-click on the task tray icon, and you will get the context menu offering you a     bunch of things to do:
     Let’s look at the things that have changed.    

Test landscape

    This was called “Run Landscape Diagnostics Wizard” in the first version. Now, with     version 2, you can choose which version of Duet your landscape is running on. Additionally, you     now need to enter the complete path to your DuetMetadata.xml file, and not just the     Duet server name as before. Once the test run is finished, you can save the results     in a text file (which did not work with the first version).

View Cache

    This was called “Client Data Cache Viewer” in version 1, apart from that nothing has     changed.    

Shutdown a single Duet related Process

    This section lets you stop single Duet related processes one by one.

Start a Duet related Process

    This section lets you start single Duet related processes; you no longer need to go     to the programs menu after having shut down the Duet Utility, for instance.


Reset deployment key

    This option resets a registry key which controls the refreshing of metadata and the file cache. Choosing this option     and restarting the Duet Utility, the client will update the metadata cache by performing the corresponding Web Service     calls, as well as loading the metadata from the Duet Read Service and files from your duetserverhostDuetCode share.     You should use this option if you regenerated and republished Duet metadata on the Duet Server.
    With version 1 of this tool, the registry key was not reset, but deleted, which lead to the fact that the Duet client     became secondary client (see my previous Using the Duet Client Support Tool). This is fixed now     by resetting the key instead of deleting it.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for your blogs on Duet!
    Do you intend to blog on the Duet Roadmap with Duet 2.0, Duet 3.0 in a near future…?  🙂

    Best regards,

  2. Former Member
    Hello Stefan,

    when i open the client tool and try to run the Landscape Test i do not have a field for the duet server, but for the “metadata file path”, including a browse button.
    Any idea what file i have to search for on the client?


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