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Extending the validity of Secured URL for accessing documents

This weblog is about how to extend the validity of the secured key in the URL to access the document stored in the content server.    SAP provides APIs to generate the URL link for the documents, the secured id is stroed in the link with expiration time of may be few hours. If that need to be extended for some reason say for 2 days, that can be done using the steps provided in this Blog.

Assumption: The document URL is available in the variable lc_url. * data: lc_url         type saeuri. Step 1. Add number of days that you want to extend the validity of the secure key in the URL using function module ‘RRBA_DAYS_TO_TIMESTAMP_ADD’.

  data: lv_timestamp   type rsgeneral-timestmp.
  data: lv_days        type i value 2.

            call function 'RRBA_DAYS_TO_TIMESTAMP_ADD'
                i_days     = lv_days
                e_timestmp = lv_timestamp.

Step 2.

Use function module 'SCMS_URL_REGENERATE' to regenerate the URL with new extended validity period.

 data: final_url      type saeuri.

            call function 'SCMS_URL_REGENERATE'
                absolute_uri          = lc_url
                expiration            = lv_timestamp
               https_uri             = final_url
               error_parameter       = 1
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