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Congratulations to Ravindra Jha and Prakrthi Kodakkal

Please welcome Ravindra Jha as the 800,000th member of this great community. Thank you Prakrthi Kodakkal for referencing him. Both of them are working for Satyam in Bangalore. Here they are in their office: image Ravindra Narayan Jha on the left is the 800,000th member and on the right it is Prakrthi Kodakkal who refered him.  I send both of them a couple of questions and here are their answers: What you are doing at Satyam?Ravindra: I am working as a Software Engineer at Satyam Computers Services Ltd. I am working in SAP field from past 10 month; I am a technical consultant (ABAP)  Prakrthi: I am a software engineer here in Satyam. I joined the SAP team on May 2006; it’s almost 13 months now. What do you like to do in your free time?Ravindra: I like listening songs, playing TT, reading books when I am free  Prakrthi:  Indian Classical music is my passion; I am a student of carnatic vocal music and Bharathanatya (a classical dance form of India). I have been learning it from 12 years now. Together with this I like to paint (some simple sketches).  Wow, music dance, painting and software development these are quite artistic outlets. Favorite Indian dish that we should try?Ravindra: I will suggest that you must try “PAW BHAJI” whenever you get an opportunity. PAW is bread and BHAJI consists of different kind of pulse and vegetables. INDIA is famous for cloves and you will get to taste most of them in it.  Prakrthi:  You could try one of my favorite foods: Masala Dosai.  This was of course a bit a selfish question. I love Indian food and there is a good one Roti Bistro just around the corner of where we live.  I checked their menu and they do have lots of Masalas: Chicken Tikka Masala, Murgh Masala, Boti Kabab Masala, Jheenga Masala, Channa Masala, and Bhindi Masala. But there was no Masala Dosai 🙁 I may just ask them if they can do that for me the next time I am there. There was no Paw Bhaji either, I guess they are from a different region.  Well, there is a good chance that I will go to TechEd in Bangalore this year, so I may try it then and I hope that I can shake both of your hands too.  P.S. Psst! The Las Vegas SAP TechEd registration is open already (Will be announced on Monday) as well as all Community Day BOF session suggestions. Hurry, Las Vegas is already filling up. More details about the Community Day
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  • After writing this post we just had to order Indian take out (didn’t want to do he special order over the phone):
    Kabuli Naan, Navrattan Korma, Mixed Tandoori, Vegetable Biryani and extra Mango Chutney.

    Soooo yummy or Lecker as we say in Germany.
    Bangalore here I come 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Mark.

    • Indian food like its culture is eclectic. Masala dosa(i) is a typical South Indian fare. Bangalore of course can serve you different kinds of masala dosa. Pav Bhaji is most famous in Mumbai (not much in the South). What you have at Roti Bistro is North Indian fare. Oh and there is the East Indian cuisine primarily revolving around freshwater fish dishes (curry and all) along with local favorites like egg roll, paanipuri (phuchka) and sweets.

      • Hi Somnath,
        Great information. I loved to find out that Roti Bistro is North Indian and all the other descriptions are mouth watering. I had left over rice from the other day tonight and it still was lecker, Mark.
        • Hi Mark,
          An word of caution – we Bengalis (hope Abesh, Dipankar will support me on that) are quite passionate about food especially Bengali food. The stuff I mentioned about East Indian fare is all Bengali (or Bong) food which has to be tasted at Kolkata for the best impact. Likewise you have to try out Pav Bhaji at Mumbai (ideally at Chowpatty beachside or the one opposite CST Main Train station in South Mumbai).
          Of course the list can be long enough to justify a fornight visit of India just for the sake of food hunting 🙂
    • Hi Mark,
      Once you are in Bangalore, get hold of Dipankar Saha (Who’s blog is now on the front page as a featured blog).

      Dipankar is an excellent cook of exotic Indian dishes and if he’s willing we can have a BBQ (indian style) on community day…

      What do you think ?

      • Hi Abesh,
        That sounds like a great idea, at least for me comming to India. Although the focus of the Community Day in India should be on you active Indian contributors, not on the handfull of visitors. Also Dipankar may want to participate in the event and not have to worry about a BBQ for all the participants. Nevertheless, we keep this in mind and if we do I hope I can learn a trick or two from Dipankar and others.
        See you there, Mark.
    • Hi Bhanu,
      The tinyurl brings you to the general Community Day page and on the top right there are the links to the BOF session wiki pages, or at least that is how it works for me.
      Would love to have you moderate a BOF. Not that you are getting in for free anyhow, but the spirit is as last year: No spectators, every participant will make it the best event ever. Don’t ask what the community day can do for you … You are personifying this spirit day in and day out here. We are glad to have you as a member.
      Looking forward to be part of that spirit at the Community Day. See you all there, Mark. (Nina is calling. Got to go.)