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Using the Enhanced Change and Transport System in a Portal Environment

Have you already heard about the additional functionality of the SAP NetWeaver Change and Transport System (CTS)?

To make life easier, we will call it CTS+ or enhanced CTS.

Imagine the following situation: you would like to transport for example a new portal role from your development system where you have created the content to your test system and then to your production system. What you had to do in the past is create an epa-file on your development system, download it to your local file system (or use a shared drive), move this file to your quality system and import it to the pcd. After having done some tests, you had to import the epa-file on the production system. To track, where the epa-file has been imported and if the import was successful, you had to use an additional tool where you had to fill in the data manually. An administrator had to keep an eye both on the import and on the tracking.

This is where CTS+ can help. With CTS+, you can now transport non-ABAP objects with the help of tools and transactions that you might know from CTS.

The only thing that you need is one dual stack system that is on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 12. This system will be used for transporting. The portal systems that are part of your transport route can use any release starting with NW04 SPS 9.

The following picture shows how a process might look like.


The same transport request is used for the whole portal landscape. This means that after having tested the import in one system, you could directly start the import into the next system.

The import itself is done with the help of SDM. CTS+ converts you epa-file into an sda and starts the SDM as soon as the import is started. In the protocols provided by CTS+ you can see if the import was successful.

You can also find a video on SDN showing how CTS+ works in a portal environment. It has been published in the latest SDN Newsletter: “This SAPPHIRE demo by Marina Marscheider of SAP AG introduces several new and enhanced features of SAP’s CTS (Change and Transport System)” [quote from SDN Newsletter published on May 24 2007].

Now you can also find a how-to guide here on SDN that describes what you need to do to make this scenario available for your portal administrators. Please look for ‘How To Set Up and Use CTS+ in a Portal Environment’.

In this how-to guide, you can also find a description how to integrate a new Web Dynpro ABAP application into your portal (as an iView). This Web Dynpro application provides all the features that you need to be able to create transport orders and attach epa-files to it. This application is part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) SPS 12.

The following picture shows how this application looks like.


Enhancements are planned for the upcoming releases. We will keep you updated.

It is also possible to use CTS+ together with NWDI or XI. How-to guides describing these use cases will be provided soon.

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