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Wiki Education Made Phenomenally Easy

Want to explain to someone (a grandmother like me, for instance?) the benefits of using a wiki? A great example of homegrown content was highlighted on the SAP internal wiki recently and I wanted to share here with the community. The video was produced by Lee and Sacha LeFever of Common Craft Show and explains brilliantly “in under 5 minutes” what the advantages of a wiki are.

Looking at this great content reminded me that our community has diverse talents (think Mario Herger and his video abilitites (very professional) or maybe a bit less staged but nevertheless very funny: Craig’s Rantings…: Geek Cooking Episode 1).

Getting Started

We need to have better, more creative, entertaining ways to take our “noobs” (that’s newbies in Urban Dictionary Language) and help them understand how useful, fun, helpful and productive all these new collaboration tools are. A group of us: “Gali, Audrey Weinland, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken],Frauke Hoffmann, and myself were looking for ways of enhancing Getting Started. Gali has done an excellent job of organizing contents in the wiki getting started pages.

Create a Great Guide

Let’s see what kind of fun content our community can create to welcome the uninitiated. Let’s also have the community rate the quality of these learning demos.

Could be a great way for the undiscovered new member to shine.

Add your links to your new contents here: wiki getting started pages

And in case you want to explain to someone Really Simple Syndication, you might want to try this video by Common Craft Show as well.

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  • Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for the great clips and the inspiration. 

    I'll be at TechEd and would enjoy the chance to attend/present/moderate an ASUG track on Community Day.  Just let me know how I can help. 


    • Hi Sue,
      We are going to be launching a wiki page where you can start putting in ideas for presentations.  Take a look here in Community Sessions where Mark Finnern has kicked it off.
      Looking forward to seeing you at Community Day in Las Vegas!
      • Hi Marilyn,

        After looking at the BPX community site, I've decided that I *do* qualify as a BPX.  Workflow can/should be part of optimizing your business processes (or in it's more evolved forms, such as Guided Procedures or BPM) and as a workflow developer, I do have a lot of insight into how the business works.  I'll be hitting the Community Sessions page soon.


        • Great to hear that you are interested.  I think you will find "birds of a feather" flocking to your workflow topic.  Given your 10 years of experience, you are a minor celebrity 🙂
    • I completely agree with David, Thanks for sharing Marilyn - these are great. I've already included them in our getting started area. I hope we'll have community generated content soon!
      • I'm sure the community can create things as vibrant as this.  Our team is more than willing to lend a hand.  I eagerly await our first getting started community "how to" that is animated, voice enhanced and fun.
        Come on SDNers and BPX folks.  Show the way!  It would be very education to have someone create a piece showing what NOT to do as well 🙂
      • When I first published this post almost 2 years ago, few folks were experimenting actively with videocasts.  I would still like to see some entertaining pieces that help people understand in 3 minutes or less, some leading practices in working with our community.  They could even be examples of what NOT to do.
  • Great find Marilyn! These are such short & sweet explanations which really get the concept across nicely.

    This blog will come in really handy for getting the team working on the Team Discovery community project/wiki on SCN to fully understand this concept. I would think others wanting to get involved in these projects on SCN (but not knowing where to start) can benefit from these videos as well.

    Even for technical folks with lots of experience, this whole wiki idea can be a bit mysterious, so thanks!

    • Hope the new wiki projects are being to move.  I heard a "rumor" that Owen and Dick had started one.  Are you pushing one along too?  I found a link to something called 'Team Discovery' Development & Education (Order-To-Cash Scenario here
  • Marilyn, these are great. Like you intended these simple "how-to's" sure help make the wiki/blog world much more feasible for old timers like myself. You emailed me in June about assisting with a UWL/WF wiki, but I've been hesitant because I'm so "green" with this techn. Looking foward to diving in.