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New Services in Campus Management to Support New Types of User Interaction (“Web 2.0”)

I am working on my Diploma Thesis in the SAP Campus Management (CM) team. The topic is a research on how new Enterprise (Web) Services can be used to support new ways of user interaction (e. g. “Web 2.0”) in CM.

In Web 2.0 it is all about the interactivity of the World Wide Web: Wikis for collaborative publishing, Mashups to create new services by combining existing feeds and services, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to subscribe online feeds, etc.

In CM I want to identify new Enterprise (Web) Services which support some of these new ways of user interaction. To give you an idea of the kind of services I am looking for here are a few examples:

  • A service which returns the timetable of a student/instructor for a specified period (e.g. in iCal format) associated with a calendar integration (like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar).
  • Services returning information on the academic structure to support external listings of programs and courses.
  • Services which gives students the possibility to find fellow students booked on the same modules and living in the neighbourhood.
  • Services returning relevant data for the students’ ePortfolio.
  • Services providing “Google Maps” data for buildings and rooms.
  • There are likely many services which can be used to leverage new ways of user experience with CM. Please help me identifying those services and scenarios. Just post your ideas and comments as feedback to this blog.

    I’m looking forward to your ideas and input.

    Thanks in advance,

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    • Alon Weinstein posted the following as comment to my Wiki entry:

      "Hi Daniel, found your page through Graduation Time is Here: First Junior Blogger is Promoted.

      Are you only looking for web services (that is, the technical notion of "service"), or any "2.0" service? How about an RSS feed for courses -- you subscribe to a feed in a course you're taking and after every class it's updated with the latest presentations and assignments given. Add an RSS reader running in the background configured to download the attachments to a directory and you got yourself an automated archival system. Can get better -- attach iCals to time-stamp when assignments are due, attach vCards to tell who can be contacted for questions, attach Google Map links for location of class, and so-on and so-forth.
      Good luck!


      • Hi Alon,

        thanks for your comment. Your ideas are great. Perhaps I will try to realize one of them. I'll let you know.

        I am looking for any kind of services, but - you are right - especially for Web services; both SOAP and REST style (detailled information on REST can be found on Wikipedia).

        Best regards, Daniel

        • Hi,

          as I supervise Daniels work in our group a brief comment: The term "service" unfortunately has many meanings and indeed is used here with two meanings. The question is twofold - it is both the web-service offered and the Web 2.0 scenario (service to a user) which embedds a universities business process. The web-service is then the facilitator for the scenario (whether it is used as full web-service or in a simpler way exposed is then another question).

          So ideas are appreciated on both - scenarios and even specific web-services to support one or several scenarios.


    • Hi Daniel,

      After participating in various implementations of Campus Management. I may recommend that we take a very close look at the Registration/Module booking/Fee calculation processes in order to come with a service enabled scenario.
      Different Universities perform some or all of this processes with small differences, adressing  different needs and sometimes in different order. I could think of the following services related:

      - Program registration.- In case the scenario requires the student to register himself to the program before selecting any module (today we already have an RFC to perform this).
      - Module pre-selection (with or without schedule).- Here the modules for which the student can actually make a booking will be filtered in order to present the student with a limited amount of modules to book (i.e. courses already completed or courses for which he has not fulfilled the prerequisites are not presented)
      - Simulation of rule validation w/o performing the booking.- This will be executed when a new module is selected to the "booking cart" and depending on the way the web service is design may not allow the student to even select a module (vs. checking the rules at the moment of executing the booking)
      - Rule validation.- At the moment of executing the booking (as we actually have).
      - Performing the booking .- Will actually change the status of the modules to "booked" for a year and session.
      - Fee calculation.- Should be able of executing a fee calculation on booked and pre-booked modules and also for those modules stored in the "booking cart" as a simulation without posting anything. This way the student canknow how much will be paid in advance of finishing his booking/registration. Should be able as well of executing the fee calculation to be posted.
      - Payment.- There should be a service which allows the student to make a payment (can be based on Biller direct). Should be possible also to accept payments in advance (some universities accept payments as a prerequisite for performing the bookings for specific numer of modules/credits).