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Free TechEd and Community Day Tickets for Top Contributors

As many of you know as a little thank you for all the contributions to our site we give free tickets to the ones that cross certain thresholds.   Even though there are more of you this year, we managed to keep them at the same level: 10K points since last TechEd, also called since last contest, gets you in for free to the TechEd of your choice.   Congratulations to:  Rich Heilman  16,960  Narendran Muthukumaran 13,854  Bhanu Gupta  12,021  Bhavesh Kantilal  10,939  Ferry Lianto  10,864   You made it already before the July 31st deadline. We will contact you soon regarding the details.   Everyone over 5000 points since last contest, which started 1st of August last year by the way get a half off the Early Bird TechEd Ticket.   Congratulations to:  Anji Reddy Vangala 9,370  Michal Krawczyk 8,847  Chandrasekhar Jagarlamudi 8,540  Ravi Kanth Talagana 8,534   Craig Cmehil 6,799   Suresh Datti 6,756   Anil Kumar Sharma 6,755   David Halitsky 6,730   Durairaj Athavan Raja 6,676  Edwin Harpino (A.H.P) 6,360   Dinesh Lalchand 6,224  Prakash Darji 6,136  Sudheer Junnuthula 5,652  Ravi Thothadri 5,624  Eddy De Clercq 5,398  Michael Nicholls 5,350  max bianchi 5,322  Anversha s  5,252     Some of the above I am sure will make the 10K list within the next 50 days. With Craig, I am not so sure, he may have to pay some 😉   With the Community Day, formerly known as SDN Day, we felt that we had to raise the bar a bit. Last year was like a try out and we were not sure whether the format would work and we fine-tuned it at every stop.   For many participants it was the best day of TechEd. We are working hard to build on that success. We did a couple of adjustments: We raised the prices to $250 for Las Vegas, Euro 250 for Munich (Bangalore we have not decided yet). We don’t want to run out of food again, as we did during lunch in Amsterdam. All in all we still think it is a bargain.  image  Speed Networking in Amsterdam last year. Picture taken by Thomas Jung.   We will continue to keep the event on a small scale compared to TechEd. Unfortunately the event has to be self-funded. The money for the free tickets comes in via sponsorships (let me know if you are interested in sponsoring one of the events) and paying guests.    Therefore you have to have collected at least 1000 points in the last year (since last contest) to be eligible for one of the 50 free spaces of the Community Day.   Shortly after the first of August, once all points are accounted for, we will send out emails with voucher codes for the free registration to the Community Day.   Don’t snooze on these codes, otherwise all free spaces will be taken.   The other way to get a free ticket is to suggest and moderate a BOF session that gets enough interest from the community.   More details to follow soon and don’t forget to The TechEd 2007 Profile Contest with the right TechEd and Community Day labels.
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  • Congrats to all 🙂

    You deserve it. Your constant contribution to BI forums is really credible.

    Look forward to meet to you all at Community Day in Vegas!!!

    Kamaljeet @KJ...

  • Thank you for the honor and this wonderful opportunity Mark. I look forward to being there.

    KJ: Thanks to you as well...glad to know that my contributions are useful.


  • As you might guess, the free tickets to TechEd, the half-price tickets to TechEd, and the 50 free tickets to Community Day (SDN and BPX) come out of "my" budget. 

    Since Mark Finnern frequently call me "cheap," he and you will be surprised that I would like your help to spend more of this budget on our great community members. 

    I'd like to see as many people as possible get free tickets (10k points by July 31) or half-price tickets (5k points by July 31) to TechEd, so keep blogging, answering forum questions, add to the wiki, etc.  We will treat you like royalty at TechEd with special VIP seating and other goodies.

    If you aren't close to these impressive point numbers, don't worry.  We still want to see you at TechEd and Community Day.  Maybe your near-term goal is to get to the next level (250, 500, 1000 points...) so you can proudly wear your SDN or BPX t-shirt or justifiably compare your point total with others.  Also: Get going to build your points for next year! 

    See you at TechEd,

    Mark Yolton

    • Hi Mark:

      I wasn't aware of that -:) I'm 4,581 points...Only more 419 to go...So I would be glad to make you spend a couple of bucks more -:P

      Last year I couldn't make it to the TechEd, but this year is going to different...I just renew my passport...So I'm ready to go -:D



      • Fantastic, Blag.  ... just 419 points and counting.  I'll be happy to congratulate you once you hit the next milestone, to open the wallet for YOU, and I look forward to seeing you at TechEd. 

        Mark Y.

  • WOW..great opportunity to meet you all..

    thanks for reminding 50 days before..only 1400 to cross 10K....

    (((will we be given free tickets to munich if we cross 10k...(question in my mind!!not asking:)))))

    • Hi Chandrasekhar,
      It is to the TechEd and Community day of your choice. You could even select Community Day in Las Vegas and TechEd in Bangalore. What we don't cover is your travel, that would be trip around the world then 🙂
      It's your choice. Looking forward to see you there, wherever it may be, Mark.
  • Hi,

    I have received a mail from Gali & the Community. My current score is 2906 & trying to raise it higher & higher.

    I have responded to the mail showing my interest to participate in Bangalore.

    I want to know more on BOP.

    Rajesh Banka

  • Hi,

    Today i received a mail from Gali & community
    since i reached 1k this week.Iwould like to 
    join the TECHED 07 Bangalore.Before that a query.Whether i need to pay money for this or it is free.I am an beginner in SAP .