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An Outlook to SAP NetWeaver Mobile and Mobile Applications at TechEd 2007

It’s never too early to look forward to SAP TechEd where the SAP Mobile community comes together to learn about new technologies. Therefore I figured I’d give you a quick outlook to our plans for this year’s event. Like every year we’ve had some discussions regarding what we would like to present to you. This year it has actually been a no brainer.

Since NetWeaver Mobile 7.1, SAP’s new platform for enterprise mobility, is already in Ramp-Up and will be ready for mass shipment in the months to come, our main focus will be to introduce this new platform to you. NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 offers significant improvements in terms of data synchronization and performance and also comes with new tools that simplify mobile development. It also has new Device Management capabilities to minimize the effort of managing mobile devices.

There will be both lectures and hands on sessions on NetWeaver Mobile 7.1. You could start by attending an overview session and then experience NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 hands on in another session after that to get you started.

In addition to the NetWeaver oriented sessions there will be lectures on mobile projects in general and on SAP Mobile Applications. In one of these sessions we will provide you with an overview of SAP Mobile applications (xMAM, xMTT etc.) and the technologies behind. Another lecture will take you on a round trip of a typical mobile project. We will address almost everything you need to know throughout all mobile project phases – including project staffing, device selection, development, quality management, rollout and operations. If you are new to mobile projects, this will enable you to avoid most common pitfalls and to make your first project a success. In case that you have already gained some experience with mobile, this lecture should enable you to see the broader picture and to improve the way you run your projects.

As you can see we’ve planned a number of valuable and interesting sessions. I’m sure that most of you have things that they would like to hear about in greater detail in addition to those sessions. Like at every TechEd you’re welcome to discuss these things with us after the lectures and hands on’s.

It’s still pretty early in the TechEd preparation process though. So if you have an interesting subject that you would like to hears us talk about feel free to send the subject to me and we will try to include it in one of our sessions. You can find my email address in my profile.

Well, this should have given you a first impression of what is going to come regarding Mobile at TechEd 2007 … and I’m looking forward to seeing you in Munich (this is where I will be presenting) in October.

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    • Hi Arunkumar,

      I will most likely just present in Munich. In other locations like Las Vegas or in your case Bangalore it will be local SAP colleagues that will hold the sessions. It is going to be the same sessions, just with some "local flavour".

      Best Regards,

        • You're welcome, Arunkumar.

          I'm not sure whether this is going to happen. I will propose this to my colleagues, might be a good idea.

          What we're thinking about though is to eventually provide a demo session on NetWeaver Mobile 7.1. Once we're ready for this we will announce it on SDN. The idea is to offer you guys a choice of different topics to choose from and to then hold the session on the topic most people would like to hear. At this point I expect this to be NW Mobile 7.1.