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International Stories and following the community…

With the growing numbers here it’s sometimes hard to track who is doing what and some of the cool things happening. So with that in mind we are implementing two things.

If you have been invited to create your very own profile page then you also have the ability to write what we called a “junior” blog or probably more to the point a “Community” blog. One, it’s your chance to be recognized by the community and for the moderators to be notified by the community to how cool your work is for us to invite you to the “Expert” blogs as well as other things. Two, and this is the one we get asked about quite a bit, what can I do with my profile? Well if you scan through the profiles you’ll see what others are doing but also you will have the chance to share your own experiences with the rest of the community – such as how SDN or BPX have benefited you. Sure we’ve SDN: Contributor’s Corner, but this time we’ve decided to take it to a new level and expand it. Just like Alvaro Tejada Galindo you can do your profile also in your native language and therefore you can do your “stories” that way as well.

  • Community International Stories (new stories created and labeled “stories”) –
  • New Profiles (new profiles created labeled “profile”) –

So what is a “story”, well here are some previous examples.

About a year back, I was, technically, a Certified SAP BW Solutions Consultant fresh on my first Job. Struggling to make an impression, and with limited grasp of the basics. I was like a kid during the e-commerce revolution, and if someone asked me what ‘D.C.’ meant in Washington, D.C., my answer was dot com. That’s when I turned to the SDN community for help.

As time passed, I grew from a casual visitor to a regular contributor. Now, my points tally is going up and other people are recognizing my name and my contributions. A few of the other people on the forum got in touch with me via personal e-mailto resolve their big problems. Some company even contacted me for Subject Matter Expert job opportunities! It seems that within just a few months, I started to feel to be one of the best around — of course, I’ve had to humble myself many times. All this for just trying to help a few people and learn from them in return. (Plus, trying to get T-shirts and qualify for iPod giveaways!)

The icing on the cake was getting an e-mail from Craig Cmehil asking if I would be able to make it to TechEd ’05. Well, I wasn’t able to attend, but, thanks to SDN, it seems that many people there knew my name, and they also let some of my bosses know that I was one of the best! I’ll take that kind of praise any day!

So, I suppose I am the master of MY DOMAIN (and ruler of the world!), and I Iook forward to making more contributions to SDN, and learning a lot more from Roberto Negro, Bhanu Gupta, and others.

Source: Ashish Gour

So remember, if you have a story to share then click the “Add News” give it a title and type away and even those this area is “points free” we will continue to honor the arrangement and each story submitted will receive the 25 points (it has to be labeled “stories” when created though – no exceptions) and if we use it or publish it somewhere outside of this blog space you will get an additional 75 points. So let’s see those stories! Keep them clean though, if someone writes a story (or anything really) in another language and we are later informed that it’s abusive or unprofessional content we will remove that content as well as your access.

Disclaimer: SAP, SDN and BPX reserves the right to remove any “story” submitted without prior notification.

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  • Craig:

    I already post my own SDN Story...Thanks for let us to write stories in our own languages -:) That's really cool! Also I got the new feed, so I can read other stories -;) Ok...I can't read Eddy's stories...Must learn Dutch and French LOL



  • One of the things I'd like to do, is take some of your personal success stories and raise their visibility within SAP and outside as well. 

    For example:

    * Create an internal news recap within SAP of your success stories, so they get global attention from all sorts of people.

    * Put some of the best stories, representing all types of impacts from all over the world, into slide presentations I and others use at events when we talk about SDN and BPX and TechEd. 

    * Use your successes as anecdotes in our discussions with the media, blogger-analysts (like Redmonk and others), and traditional industry analysts (like Gartner, IDC...). 

    You supply the testimonials and examples, and we'll find ways to raise their visibility for greater impact. 

    Keep 'em coming.


    Mark Yolton

  • Just returned from an ASUG leadership summit and spoke to a French Canadian community member who reminded me that there are 10 million French speakers in Canada alone.  Wait till she sees that the community to have a voice in French.  Maybe she'll write the first French Canadian success story (okay, Eddy already beat her to it in French) if someone else from Canada doesn't jump in first.  We'll have to plug some of these into babelfish to get fuller enjoyment and not be left out of the fun.
  • Come on guys and galls -:) There's still a lot of "not written languages" stories...Go ahead and write them down on your mothers language...It's not that hard...You can take Eddy's or mine as examples...Remember that you can use a translator if you don't know Spanish, French or Dutch -;)



    • Hi Blag

      I think you'll find that most of the community are probably similar to me. I am one of those people from a nominally English speaking country who never seriously studied another language. I can speak French to someone who also learnt French in England as a young school boy in the mid-60's, which means I am incomprehensible to all the Francophones in the world. In German I can avoid starvation or dehydration only because there are enough people who work in the hospitality industry to take pity on me. My only Spanish is picked up from watching American TV cop shows, so all my sentences end with "per favor".

      Babelfish etc work up to a certain extent, but try to translate "Java engine" into some languages and you get some very strange results.


      • Just in case some people are curious - ANY language and multiple entries from multiple people is OK. So just because Blag wrote one in Spanish does not mean you can't as well - we are looking for interesting stories and content from EVERYONE the fact you can write it in your own language is actually secondary 🙂